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Recovery From Botox

One of the major reasons that Botox is so popular is its non-surgical nature.  There are many ways to make your face look younger and your skin feel smoother and tighter, but those often involve complicated and permanent plastic surgery with long recovery times that often leave the patient looking like they were beaten like a rented mule.

If you do decide to undergo a Botox treatment you can reasonably expect to return to your normal everyday activities very shortly after.  In fact you could have a Botox treatment in the morning and go to a party that very night.

However, there are some short term considerations you must keep in mind in your recovery for Botox and in order to maximize your benefit and prevent any unwanted side effects from the treatment.

Do Not Rub Your Face

There is no question that you will feel a little different after you have undergone the procedure.  This sensation may make you want to touch your face as  a reassurance. It is very important that you do not touch your face after the procedure has occurred. 

While the amount of toxins injected into your face is minimal there is a chance that if you rub your face you could displace some of the active agent, thus spreading the toxin to areas that you do not want treated.

For instance of you rub your eyes too much after the treatment you could spread the agent to your eyelids, which may result in a droopy eye effect.  While this would not last more than a couple days, it’s no good if you are heading off to that party.  Everybody will think you are drunk or something.

Stand Up Straight

It is important to stay erect for several hours after the Botox treatment as well.  If you lie down immediately after you have had the procedure the toxin could seep too deep into your face and result in unwanted results.  Again this will not create any permanent damage, but it could ruin your party.

Of course the best recovery technique for Botox is to enjoy yourself.  Some people feel a little uncomfortable after the procedure, but if you have the confidence that you look better you will feel better right away.