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Botox Safety

With the rapid increase in botox usage, certain concerns have been raised regarding botox safety. Critics of botox have tried to give botox a bad name, to discredit the doctors and surgeons how administer botox, and to try to get botox off of the market. It is difficult to say why the critics feel this way. Botox has a ten-year history of use for non-cosmetic purposes such as the treatment of muscle spasms and gastrointestinal disorders. It was through the treatment of such ailments that doctors discovered an alternate use for botox - that of an anti-wrinkle remedy.

This accidental yet extremely fortunate discovery mirrors the discovery of many other breakthroughs in the field of medicine such as the serendipitous innovations of x-rays and penicillin. Just as there was resistance to the advent of these innovations, there is resistance to botox. In fact, with just about any widely publicized scientific breakthrough, there will be resistance. But, as we all know, change and evolution is inevitable and necessary. That's why we advise you to examine the issue of botox safety soberly and with an open mind. You will find that the facts point to botox as being extremely safe with a long track record of positive results and satisfied clients.

Botox has been approved as an anti-wrinkle remedy by the American Food and Drug Administration (AFD). Since this is a public and federally funded institution, they are primarily concerned with public safety. Such an institution would not approve botox for general public usage without conducting all the sufficient and necessary tests to determine whether or not it is safe.

In fact, more than one million people to date have opted to undergo botox treatments. These people range from the celebrities who endorse botox such as the famous actress Elizabeth Hurley to the common, everyday, average consumer.

To turn to the potential side effects of botox we find that, compared to other options in the field of cosmetic surgery, botox presents the safest and most effective option.

The side effects are minimal. These include slight bruising, minor facial pain and skin irritation, potential respiratory problems, headaches, and flu-like symptoms. These side effects, however, are rare and tend to go away after one week. No long-term side effects were discovered. In any case, however, it is best to consult your medical practitioner regarding any potential complications that could arise due to medicines you are presently taking or any other conditions you may have.

Botox is recommended for people between the ages of 18 and 65. It is also not recommended if you are pregnant or presently breastfeeding.

The bottom line is that despite critics of botox it is here to stay. This is good news for those of us who do not wish to incur the risk and cost of plastic surgery yet who are also looking for a more effective wrinkle remedy than over-the-counter skin creams can offer. When used properly, botox is one of the best risk-to-reward products within the cosmetics industry.