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Brow Lift

So you’re looking to get a brow lift? Well, in today’s “Sex and the City” world, it s one of the mot common cosmetic procedures for surgeons. Your skin is elastic, and over time, it loses its elasticity making your face look like a bulldog’s. While it is a very natural part of aging, most people feel younger and rejuvenated by having a brow lift; sometimes your physical “flaws” can make you feel unattractive, and subsequently, it may ower your self esteem and overall productivity.   

Often, these flaws make a person look angry, sad, and tired. If you've looked in the mirror recently and pulled back on some of that skin, you probably realized that you could still have a youthful look without that constant frowning. That's what a forehead lift or brow lift surgery can do for you.

In a brow lift, your forehead's muscles and tissues are reconstructed to be tighter. That way, the frowning and drooping are removed and replaced with a smooth forehead, raised eyebrows, and less frown lines. The results are often dramatic and can take many years off your facial appearance.

There are several methods available with varying degrees of invasiveness. The traditional procedure requires large incisions hidden in your hairline while the newer procedures only require a few small incisions and some endoscopic probes. Regardless of the technique, the results are always the same.

The most common candidate for brow lifts are men and women aged 40 to 60 years. Of course, it can apply to anyone who has developed frown lines from intense stress or muscle activity. There are also some genetic traits that cause low brows and furrow lines above the nose. These can also be fixed to give you that happier and attentive look.

A lot of brow lift patients have other procedures done to their face to enhance their entire facial look. Face-lifts can smooth out the cheeks and eyes while eyelid surgeries can correct any extra skin in the upper eyelid.

Even if you are bald or have a receding hairline, the operation can still be done with an endoscopic technique or with carefully placed incisions. To prevent any obvious scarring, such an operation would yield less dramatic results.

Successful patients of a brow lift surgery look younger, feel more confident, and generally look happier. The procedure doesn't always match their expectations and doesn't necessarily mean that others will treat them better. That's why it is important to discuss your expectations with a certified plastic surgeon. He or she will explain your options thoroughly while giving you more insight on what to really expect after the surgery.