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Eva Longoria – Sultry Sexpot on Desperate Housewives

Eva Longoria is one of the hottest personalities on television right now with a prominent starring role as sexy Latino Gabrielle Solis in the popular ABC primetime show, Desperate Housewives.  In the show, Eva Longoria heats it up with her comedic antics that involve concealing an affair with the resident 17 year-old gardener, played by Jesse Metcalfe, from her businessman husband, played by Ricardo Antonio Chavira.     

With the ever growing success of Desperate Housewives, which is the hottest and sexiest show on network television, Eva Longoria is on the fast track to stardom having receive increasingly more exposure as audiences are becoming enamored not only with her stunningly sultry appearance, but also with the unique and interesting characters she plays.  With this exposure, Longoria is garnering many accolades including being named by Variety as one of the “Ten New Faces to Watch”, USA Today’s “Fall TV’s Hot 11”, and TV Guide’s “New Faces to Watch”.    

Born on March 15, 1975 in Corpus Christi, Eva Jacqueline Longoria was the daughter of Mexican parents, and the youngest of four daughters.  As a youngster, Longoria’s beauty was apparent even at a young age.  Eva Longoria’s humble beginnings started with modeling and beauty pageants in her home state of Texas.  She was the winner of the “Miss Corpus Christi” title.  She continued on with this activity after she was accepted to the Texas A&M University’s Kinesiology Program, where she successfully attained her Bachelors of Science degree.

After graduating from college, Eva Longoria determinedly persisted with regional modeling gigs, before entering a talent contest – this would prove to be Eva’s first major break into the entertainment industry.  The contest sent her to Los Angeles, where Eva quickly received her second major break – her ravishing beauty complimented by her enthralling acting talents was spotted and subsequently signed by a theatrical agent.  Her timing couldn't have been better, and she was determined to see where her acting dreams would take her.

The 28-year-old Mexican-American beauty first began getting appearances on the soap-opera circuit including stints on The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital and Beverly Hills 90210.  It was on the set of General Hospital that she met, fell in love with, and married the General Hospital mainstay, Tyler Christopher.  Longaria finally found a more permanent home after being cast in The Young and the Restless as Isabella, the unhinged Latin spitfire.  This role on TV’s number one daytime drama essentially launched Longoria's career onto the fast track of stardom.

Her versatility was shown in her performance as Isabella Brana, where she could seemingly make the switch from street-smart, tough and determined sane person to psychologically-challenged, manically crazy insane person.  Her performance was critically acclaimed and won her the American Latino Media Arts (ALMA) Award for “Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama” in 2002.        

Eva Longoria stayed on Young and the Restless for another year where she repeated as winner as “Outstanding Actress in Daytime Drama” for the 2003 ALMA awards.  With ever-growing popularity, more and more people were starting to notice Eva Longoria, and she was named by People en Español “25 Most Beautiful People” for 2003.  She took a break after her period with Young and the Restless to marry Tyler Christopher.  

The break didn’t last too long as Eva Longoria was slowly becoming one of the hottest Latino commodities in Hollywood.  In 2003, she was cast in a starring role opposite Ed O’Neill (Al Bundy from Married With Children) in ABC’s new gritty cop drama, LA Dragnet.  The role was probably Longoria’s most challenging to this point in her career as she played a tough Latina policewoman-psychologist, Detective Gloria Duran.  Her character has a tough exterior, but also shows her sexy, feminine strength at the same time.  Although the show was a horrible flop, many critics applauded Longoria’s performance, and her career only seemed to escalate despite the show’s failure. 

It was also in 2003, that Longoria demonstrated her comedic talents, something that she innately possessed.  She celebrated her theatre debut in the popular comedy farce, What the Rabbi Saw, to great acclaim – Black Stage West proclaimed, “Eva Longoria is sensational”.  Longoria also flexed her comedic muscles in Hot Tamales Live, a critically lauded comedy/variety show in which she both starred and co-produced.  Hot Tamales Live performs regularly at The Comedy Store and consistently sells out its performances whenever they perform across the country.  She also acted as a judge in the weekly show, The Talent Agency.  

Her dramatic and comedic talents were noted by the executives of ABC who offered her a role in their new television series, Desperate Housewives, which examined the secretive, insidious, and lustful life of a group of housewives living in a suburban neighborhood cul-de-sac.  Her character, Gabrielle, is an unhappy former runway model married to a successful businessman, who deals with her husband’s busy schedule and lack of attention, by having an affair with a young gardener.  Her comic antics in concealing the affair are always popular among the show’s huge following.       

Eva Longoria’s success has mirrored the success of Desperate Housewives.  With age and experience, Longoria’s acting abilities have become more refined.  She has amazing presence on the screen and can command her audience’s attention with her sizzling performances.  The ever-attractive Longoria has since become a popular figure among the male population, and has been voted to Maxim Magazine, “Hot 100” and will also be featured in the magazine’s 2005 calendar.     

Despite the year 2004 being successful on a professional level, Longoria had an up and down year personally.  She separated with husband, Tyler Christopher, early in the year, as the two have filed for divorce.  However, Longoria has since moved on, as is now involved in a relationship with former N’Sync member, J.C. Chasez. 

When she is not acting, Longoria is a huge fan of all sports, and participates in all types of recreational activities including rock climbing, yoga, kickboxing, softball and golf.  She also likes salsa dancing (she is actually quite proficient on the dance floor), sewing, crocheting and reading.  In what's left of her spare time, she decorates her home.  

Eva Longoria recently added some added spice to her already-sizzling persona.  In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine she was asked, “(What was the) Best sex you had all year?”  Longoria’s steamy response: “Probably with my vibrator.  I own two.  I have the rabbit one, and I give that as a gift all the time to other girls for a birthday or the like. It's the best gift to give: an orgasm.  And if I can't do it for ya, I'll give you the tools to succeed!  I have one rabbit and a Pocket Rocket.”  Add just to fuel your fire, she added these comments in an interview with Maxim Magazine, “I wear G-strings every day, all the time.  I actually don’t even own a full-bottom pair of underwear.  I also love lingerie, and I love high heels, but I prefer total nakedness overall.  That, to me, is so much sexier.”