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Clear Braces

Clear braces are less noticeable braces. Ceramic braces are made of a high tech glass-like material developed as a spinoff material by the NASA space program.  A clear or tooth colored tie is used with ceramic braces.  Most family and friends will not even notice your braces. Ceramic braces are guaranteed not to stain  by the manufacturer.  However, some foods, liquids (coffee, coke) or smoking may stain the cement that holds the braces to your teeth.

On the same track as superficiality, people want better looking teeth but they also don’t want people to know that they have braces or deal with the unattractiveness of having those things in your mouth for so long.  You can give the appearance that you don’t have braces simply by asking for invisible braces.  They are a little more expensive but they’ll get the job done, and you won’t look like a 13 year old.

Ask your orthodontist about an attractive option in braces for straightening teeth, enhancing smiles and giving self-confidence a big boost! The "next-to-invisible" braces are here! These braces allow many people to feel better about how they look while wearing them.

These esthetically appealing braces are available in translucent material, to blend with the teeth, or in a clear, transparent material that allows the natural color of your teeth to show through. But they are not for everyone. The ceramic material is very hard harder than teeth - and cannot be used in all circumstances. In some instances, additional costs may be involved. The plastic braces are not as durable as metal or ceramic and require additional care. However, your orthodontist will recommend the proper type of braces for you.

These nearly invisible braces were developed originally as an alternative for adult patients who, for career or social reasons, wanted braces that were less noticeable. Now they are popular with orthodontic patients of all ages.

If your orthodontist feels that these more esthetic braces are appropriate for you, you may choose this option for self-esteem and a "look great, feel great" sense of pride.

Patients no longer need to be self-conscious about wearing braces. They like the newer braces for cosmetic reasons, which can stimulate better cooperation with the orthodontist.