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Bedrooms: Accessories - Get the right bedroom accessories to turn your house into a true home

                                            Summer time is the time for home renovations. You can paint your bedroom furniture outside where there’s lots of ventilation. Painting furniture is a great way to give old pieces a new lease on life. There are also some home improvement projects that should only be attempted in the summer, such as roofing or deck building. But what tends to happen during renovations season is that bedroom renovations get neglected because there are other more urgent home renovations to be done. This is why lots of people either have ugly bedroom curtains or no bedroom curtains at all. But it’s important to spend some time on bedroom renovations because you spend a lot of time in your bedroom. Your bedroom furniture probably gets more wear than a lot of the other furniture in your house. People spend a good portion of their lives in their beds, and looking for things in their closets. So try to give your bedroom designs a little more attention next time you’re doing home renovations.
                                                One long weekend spent on fixing up bedroom furniture, cleaning bedroom curtains, or tidying out closets, will make your bedroom a more pleasant place to spend time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a beautiful clean bedroom with nice bedroom furniture to retire to after a long day of home renovations? You can close your curtains and relax in one of your beds before you begin the next round of home renovations. Once you’ve got some bedroom decorating ideas, and you have an idea of the kind of bedroom furniture you want, you can start thinking about bedroom accessories, such as cabinets, closets, and bedroom curtains. Usually you’ll choose beds and the largest pieces of furniture first. Then you’ll have to decide how to arrange your bedroom furniture, keeping in mind where closets, vents and doors are located. Then you can choose cabinets if you think you’ll need extra storage. The very last thing to do is choose the paint colour and your bedroom curtains because you want to be sure that they match all the bedroom furniture and work with your overall bedroom designs.
                                             Before beginning any new bedroom designs I like to build a miniature scale model of my bedroom out of paper, including miniature versions of all my bedroom furniture, such as cabinets, closets, beds (mind you, I only have one in my bedroom), and other bedroom furniture. I don’t usually include bedroom curtains in my paper bedroom furniture model because they’re difficult to make out of paper. Once I have a scale model of each item of bedroom furniture in my bedroom, I can arrange them according to whatever bedroom designs I like. It’s much easier to experiment with paper furniture than it is to move around real bedroom furniture because real bedroom furniture is much heavier than paper model bedroom furniture. In fact, this paper model method is great for all sorts of home improvement projects, whether you’re renovating bedroom designs, kitchens, bathrooms, or what have you.
                                         The first step to making miniature models of your bedroom furniture is to take measurements of your bedroom as well as all of your existing bedroom furniture. If you plan on trying new bedroom decorating ideas, you can also make models of the bedroom furniture you want to buy to get an idea of what will fit in your bedroom. When taking measurements of your bedroom and your bedroom furniture, be sure to also measure the positions of closets, vents, doors, windows, and electrical outlets. Remember that you’re creating three dimensional bedroom design aids, so don’t forget to make a note of heights as well as widths and depths of bedroom furniture. This is especially useful if you want to put in new shelves or bunk beds. Keep a copy of these measurements when you go shopping for bedroom furniture such as beds and cabinets. Because carrying a paper model of your bedroom, complete with paper bedroom furniture, into a shop can be awkward, you might like to make a simple floor plan as well that you can carry with you to see what sort of bedroom designs your space will allow. The next step is to choose a scale to scale down all your bedroom furniture to mini size. It’s not much use building paper models of your beds if you don’t scale them down. Now draw your bedroom furniture on some stiff paper as if the bedroom furniture were collapsed out flat.
                                             Now cut out all the bedroom furniture including the beds, closets, and cabinets, and begin by folding creases along all the lines you’ve drawn. Once you’ve folded the bedroom furniture into the correct shape, secure your beds, cabinets, closet, and all the rest, with cellotape or by gluing little tabs edge to edge. Once you’ve completed all your mini bedroom furniture as well as a floor plan of your bedroom, you can begin experimenting with bedroom designs and different bedroom decorating idea. If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, you could go as far as painting you bedroom furniture models so that you can choose appropriate paint or wallpaper colours for different bedroom designs. Another one of the renovations on your list of home improvement projects might be to clean out your closets. If so, you could also build a miniature paper model of your closet. Then you can look for shelves and cabinets to fit inside your closets so that you can organize your junk. Having organized clean closets is important to keeping your bedroom organized, unless untidy closets are part of your bedroom designs. Also, if your bedroom is clean, you’ll have more room for bedroom furniture such as cabinets and beds. Most bedrooms have only one bed and closet but some bedrooms have several closets and beds. Some bedroom designs for children include two beds or bunk beds for siblings to share.
                                                This is a great way to save space if you have one very large bedroom and a whole lot of children. If you don’t have two closets in a room but you put two beds in the room, you will probably need to buy some cabinets for extra storage. If you’re looking for new children’s bedroom furniture, you might want to look for less expensive bedroom decorating ideas because children grow out of their bedroom designs so fast. You can save money on bedroom furniture such as closets, beds and cabinets, by assembling your bedroom furniture yourself. If you have a car or a van, you can save lots of money on home improvement projects by picking up and assembling bedroom furniture yourself instead of paying for delivery. Children’s bedroom furniture is usually the easiest kind of bedroom furniture to assemble because it’s small and simple. Fortunately, bedroom curtains require no assembly at all except of course for the curtain rods to hang the bedroom curtains on. Even so, bedroom curtain rods only take a minute to install. Of all your home renovations, installing bedroom curtain rods should be one of your easiest tasks. Other home improvement projects, such as assembling a bed, will be more difficult. Sometimes choosing colours for bedroom curtains is as difficult as assembling new beds. With so many bedroom decorating ideas to choose from, making colour choices is often the hardest part. Once you’ve built your miniature bedroom furniture models, you’ll have to decide how much new furniture you can fit in your bedroom. If you’re short on space, check out a home renovations magazine for space-saving bedroom decorating ideas. If you decide to buy some new pieces of bedroom furniture to complete your bedroom designs, you must bring your floor plan and measurements with you. Hopefully you’ll be able to find some cabinets that you like that fit your floor plan and work with your bedroom designs.
                                                  The only thing left to do once you’ve bought all your new bedroom furniture is to go shopping for new bedroom curtains or blinds. I generally prefer bedroom designs that include bedroom curtains rather than blinds because bedroom curtains tend to be softer and give a bedroom a gentler feel. Also, you can choose bedroom curtains to complement your bedroom furniture. Bedroom curtains are an important element of bedroom designs. You can make your own inexpensive bedroom curtains by looking up patterns in home improvement magazines. These magazines offer some really exciting bedroom decorating ideas. What we’ve just discussed can be applied to all sorts of home renovations, whether you’re installing new kitchen cabinets or broom closets. Home improvement projects can be a lot of fun if you just remember to mind your budget when buying large pieces of bedroom furniture such as beds, and to assemble your new bedroom furniture yourself, rather than having it delivered. If your next home improvement project is in your kitchen, it likely won’t involve beds or any other sorts of bedroom furniture. You may however be looking for closets, cabinets, and curtains. You could even use old bedroom curtains if they fit your kitchen windows properly. That’s enough about bedroom furniture.
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