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Bedrooms: Styles - Make your bedroom reflect your personality

When doing home renovations, bedrooms often get the least attention because they’re seldom seen by guests. People tend to spend more of their budget on their kitchen, living room and bathrooms, so I’m going to suggest some affordable bedroom decorating ideas. Furnishing a bedroom doesn’t have to drain your budget if you know where to find cheap bedroom furniture and creative bedroom decorating ideas. The best way to furnish a bedroom affordably is to find some bedroom designs on TV or in magazines or your friends’ houses. Keep a collection of pictures of the bedroom designs that you like. Use the pictures for inspiration when shopping for cheap bedroom furniture.
With some creativity, you’ll be able to achieve those bedroom designs for a lot less. A great way to find cheap furniture is to buy old pieces of furniture in second-hand shops or at garage sales. You can sometimes find really cheap furniture that just needs a fresh coat of paint or a new finish to become beautiful bedroom furniture. Children’s bedroom furniture is especially easy to find in garage sales because kids grow out of that stuff so fast. If you’re looking for a matching bedroom set for your child, you could pick up some cheap furniture items at garage sales and spray paint them all white to match. White bedroom furniture sets can be expensive and these will look just the same. You can also sometimes find cheap contemporary furniture that’s made from recycled materials. Whether you choose to buy or make your own white bedroom furniture, you can have a lot of fun decorating it if you get bored of the white.
If your white bedroom furniture is intended to be children’s bedroom furniture, your children could choose the bedroom designs they like and help you to either paint designs on the white bedroom furniture or stencil on patterns. You can find lots of bedroom decorating ideas on the internet and in craft magazines. First draw a design for your children’s bedroom furniture or look on the internet for a design you’d like to print or stencil onto your white bedroom furniture. Let your children help you choose the colours of enamel you will use to paint the white bedroom furniture. Enamel tends to be the best kind of paint for children’s furniture because it is extremely strong and stain proof. If you choose to stencil your designs onto the white bedroom furniture, you’ll first need to trace the design onto a piece of cardboard and cut out the bits that you want the enamel to cover when stenciled onto the white bedroom furniture. When your stencil is ready, tape it to the bedroom furniture with masking tape and spray paint the pattern onto the white bedroom furniture. Be sure to allow the bedroom furniture to dry for a few hours before touching it. If you’d rather print the patterns onto the white bedroom furniture instead of stenciling onto the furniture, you will trace the design onto a piece of linoleum and carve away the bits that aren’t to be printed onto the bedroom furniture. Test the stamp before you place it on the children’s bedroom furniture to make sure it looks the way you want it to. Remember, if you carve letters into the print block, you must write them reversed or they will print backwards on your children’s bedroom furniture. Enamel paint or spray paint tends to work best on children’s bedroom furniture and most bedroom furniture that is already painted.
If you’re thinking of decorating bedroom furniture with wood finishes, such as oak bedroom furniture, you might consider painting the bedroom furniture by hand using acrylic paints, wood stains, or varnishes. Enamel paint just doesn’t work as well on oak bedroom furniture. Sometimes the best way to rejuvenate old oak bedroom furniture is not to paint designs on it but to sand it down and refinish the oak bedroom furniture. It would be a shame to turn your oak bedroom furniture into white bedroom furniture and cover up that beautiful wood. Oak bedroom furniture is classic and should last a long time, so as long as you take care of it, it can add a lot to your bedroom designs for years to come. If it’s contemporary bedroom furniture that you’re looking for, you might be better off looking for new bedroom furniture. You can often find cheap contemporary furniture if you know where to look. Places like IKEA use a lot of recycled materials in their bedroom furniture and employ a team engineers and artists to come up with new bedroom designs and unusual contemporary bedroom furniture. Most of the furniture in IKEA is coloured plastic or white bedroom furniture or particle board bedroom furniture with wood veneers. Simple materials and clean lines are popular bedroom designs in today’s contemporary bedroom furniture.
A lot of low-grade recycled plastics are used to make children’s bedroom furniture as well as contemporary bedroom furniture. However, it’s not often that you see contemporary children’s bedroom furniture. If you do decide to buy new contemporary bedroom furniture, you can get rid of that old oak bedroom furniture by having a garage sale or by delivering the bedroom furniture to a second hand store. Someone else might find a way to incorporate your old oak bedroom furniture into their own bedroom designs. The above are just a few of the possible bedroom decorating ideas to consider when thinking about bedroom designs. The key to success in all bedroom designs is having bedroom decorating ideas before you begin and being able to execute them creatively. We’ve already discussed how to make cheap bedroom furniture fit in with your bedroom decorating ideas, but what bedroom designs should you look at if you’re not on such a tight budget with your bedroom furniture? Matching bedroom furniture can be expensive, especially buying an entire set of matching bedroom furniture at once. For example, white bedroom furniture can be expensive if you buy a whole bedroom furniture suite. But sometimes achieving the bedroom designs you want is worth the cost of new white bedroom furniture. You might also consider a new oak bedroom furniture set to replace your old cheap bedroom furniture. An oak bedroom furniture suite is a good investment because oak bedroom furniture is durable and won’t soon go out of style. Buy oak bedroom furniture that you can pass down to your grandkids so that they won’t have to use cheap bedroom furniture made to look like white bedroom furniture.
However, oak bedroom furniture is not the best children’s bedroom furniture because children might scratch or stain the wood. Too many nice oak bedroom furniture sets end up covered in wax crayon and stickers. White bedroom furniture is better for young children because the white enamel is eaily cleaned and if the bedroom furniture does get dirty, the dirt is visible on the white bedroom furniture unlike oak bedroom furniture. If I could choose between oak bedroom furniture and white bedroom furniture for my children’s bedroom furniture, I would choose the white bedroom furniture, assuming they were the same price. If the oak bedroom furniture were a lot more expensive I would of course take the oak bedroom furniture as my childrens’ bedroom furniture and sell it. Then I’d buy much cheaper cheap bedroom furniture and spend the difference on other bedroom decorating ideas. One of the best places to look for great bedroom decorating ideas is in your friends’ houses. If you see bedroom furniture that you like in a friend’s house, ask them where they got it and how much they paid for it. If it’s more than your bedroom furniture budget allows, try to make it yourself from cheap bedroom furniture. You can get some great ideas for fixing up cheap bedroom furniture from home decorating magazines. There are also those cottage magazines that usually tell you how to make rustic-looking bedroom furniture yourself from old junk that’s lying around. Another fun bedroom decorating idea is to design the bedroom furniture yourself. Unless you’re a carpenter yourself, you’ll have to find someone to build your bedroom furniture for you, which can get expensive because there aren’t enough independent carpenters around anymore who can make your custom bedroom furniture. Independent carpenters tend not to make cheap bedroom furniture. You’re more likely to get a nice set of oak bedroom furniture from your carpenter than contemporary bedroom furniture.
If you know a carpenter that makes cheap bedroom furniture to order, let me know. I’m looking for someone who can help me to realise my bedroom decorating ideas which include a lot of contemporary bedroom furniture. I come up with new bedroom decorating ideas all the time and I make note of all the new bedroom designs I come up with so that I can keep an eye out for cheap bedroom furniture that might work with my bedroom decorating ideas. You never know when the perfect piece of cheap bedroom furniture is going to pop up.