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Heidi Klum - Supermodel

Ever since the age of 18, Heidi Klum has been thrust into the high-powered world of fashion modelling, where she has become one of the most recognizable supermodel in history.  She is a frequent face (and body) in Victoria Secret catalogues, Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Mademoiselle.  She has branched out in recent years into television, where her talent and versatiltiy was displayed on such popular shows as Sex in the City and Spin City.

The stunningly-gorgeous 5'10" brunette who carries curve that many deem "perfect" has been turning heads for as long as she could remember.  Besides possessing a stop-in-your-tracks body, her face conveys and exotic goddess but yet still carries an approachable feel thanks to her inquisitive eyes and warm smile. 

Her immaculate appearance is one facet that has contribute to her success.  Another contributing factor is her sparkling and engaging persona which has led many industry insiders to label her "the friendliest supermodel".  Heidi Klum is just as well known for her down-to-earth personality, her sense of humor (she yodeled on The Late Show with David Letterman), and her availability and genorisity to her fans.  This has been a refreshing change to the narcissitic and pretencious nature in the world of fashion and modelling.   

Heidi Klum (pronounced "Kloom") was born June 1st, 1973, in Bergische Gladbach, a small city in Germany. Practically destined to be a fashion model, Heidi's father, Gunther, worked for a cosmetics company, while her mother, Erna, was a hairdresser.

When Heidi Klum was 18 years old, she came across a modelling competition that would forever change her life.  Urged by her friends to enter and seeing that she had nothing to lose, she submitted some photoes to the "Model '92" competition organized by Petra magazine and a New York Model agency.  After a grueling selection procedure, Heidi beat out hundreds of other applicants to emerge victorious as Model '92. 

From there she signed a contract with the Metropolitan modeling agency.  Although thrust in the competitive world of modelling, Heidi Klum received no shortages of work offers.  She appeared in many print advertisements for Bonnie Bell, Finesse, Gerry Weber, Givenchy's Amarige, and I-N-C.  However, it was her gig with Victoria's Secret that would propel her from model to supermodel. 

In 1998, Heidi Klum gained even more international appeal to the general masses by appearing in the cover for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition.  This illustrious title placed Heidi Klum among the luminaries of modelling, joining such modelling royalties like Elle McPherson, Rachel Hunter, Kathy Ireland, Tyra Banks, and Christie Brinkley, who had also previously been the cover girl for SI's swimsuit edition.   

Although continuing her modelling work, where she is one of the most sought-after and highest-paid models, Klum decided to branch out and pursue another love - acting.  Her acting resume grows extensive with every passing year.  Besides her appearances on Sex in the City and Spin City, Klum has also appeared in the feature films, 54 and Blow Dry.  In addition, she was the host of MTV's Fashionably Load and Bravo's reality TV show, Project Runway.  Klum is also a correspondent on the popular show, Entertainment Today.   

Heidi Klum is easily one of the most recognizable supermodels today.  This has caused her to remain in the public eye, where press and papparazzi have been documenting her personal life, particularly her love interests. 

In 1997, Heidi Klum at the age of 25 married high profile hair stylist, Ric Pippino.  Pippino is well known for his star-studded clientale which includes Donald Trump.  After 5 years of marriage, Klum and Pippino separated and filed for divorce. 

After the breakup, Klum's next love interest was Anthony Kiedes, lead singer for the hugely popular band, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  That relationship didn't last too long and Klum moved on to her next major love interest, Flavio Briatore, the  managing director of the Renault Formula One racing team.  Together, the two had a daughter, Leni (named after Heidi Klum's grandmother), in May 2004.  Sadly, the two brokeup before the birth.  The news made headlines as Briatore purchased a $11 million New York apartment where he could visit his daughter, whom Klum is the primary custodian. 

More recently, Klum was once again in the headlines, where she has agreed to marry UK popstar, Seal.  Seal had proposed to Klum on a glacier while the two were visiting Whistler, in British Columbia, Canada.  Seal has recorded such popular hits like Kiss From a Rose, Don't Cry, and Crazy.

Always busy, you can expect to hear, see, and read more on Heidi Klum in the coming years!