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Who is Sienna Miller?

Sienna Miller has been making headlines since the passing Christmas holidays when her and Jude Law, one of the most popular actors today, announced their engagement on Christmas day.  Jude Law had proposed to Sienna Miller on Christmas morning in England, presenting her with a gold ring featuring nine diamonds set in platinum, the couple's spokeswoman, Ciara Parkes said.   

Although everybody (who are fortunate to be tapped into the developed world's entertainment industry) know who Jude Law is - the charming and engaging actor who has giving stirring performances in such Hollywood blockbusters like The Talented Mister Ripley, Artificial Intelligence: AI, Cold Mountain, and The Aviator, and who was voted by People Magazine as the "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2004 - very few people know who Sienna Miller is.   

Sienna Miller is best known for her work in the British cop drama, Keen Eddie.  She palys the role of the fiesty Fiona, the love interest of Eddie, the wisecracking New York cop with no respect for authority who finds himself a fish out of water when he ends up being assigned to a police precinct in the U.K.  Aside from this, the 23 year old model and actress, is starting to rack up more exposure as her acting resume grows more extensive.

Prior to Keen Eddie, Sienna Miller had appeared in the 2002 TV show, Bedtime.  Her filmography includes Joy-Rider (2001), High Speed (2002), Layer Cake (2004), and Alfie (2004), where she co-starred with Jude Law.  It was on the set of Alfie where immediate sparks began to fly between the two of them.  She is also involved in two movies that will be released in 2005 - Untitled Cassanova Project and Factory Girl.   

Sienna Miller was born on December 28th, 1981, in New York City, but moved to the United Kingdom when she was a youngster.  Demonstrating a passion for acting and theatre at an early age, Sienna attended the Heathfield School in Ascot, Surrey.  She returned to New York to study acting full time at the renowned Lee Strasberg Institute (Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are former students), gaining honors in Lamda Acting, as well as managing to continue performing in a number of NY productions.  She would return back to the UK where her acting career is beginning to blossom. 

Despite yet to become a major name on her own account, there is no denying the attractiveness of Sienna Miller.  In a recent poll conducted by the publication, Hello!, Sienna was ranked the 23rd most beautiful British woman.  Without question, you will be soon seeing a lot more of Sienna.