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Home Renovations

Home renovations can be daunting and often the only way to tackle a serious home renovation is one room at a time. Of course if you’re trying to sell o rent your home, the two rooms to focus on are your bathroom and your kitchen. Many home buyers say that assuming everything else is good, the kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms that can make or break a deal. If the bathroom looks old and dingy, it gives the whole house a dirty feel. It’s also important to realize that’s it’s possible to go too far with home renovations. You should figure out at what point more home renovations aren’t going to add any more value to your home. If you overdo it, you’ll just end up losing money on your home renovations. Also keep in mind that when you’re doing home renovations to sell a home, you should keep them as clean and simple as possible because potential buyers would rather see a blank canvas and imagine what they might do with it.

Bathroom Styles

When it comes to home renovations, remodeling your bathroom can be one of the more exciting tasks because there are so many great bathroom styles to choose from. Some of today’s most popular bathroom designs include the minimalist bathroom style, Mediterranean style bathrooms, luxury bathrooms, and the classic country style bathroom. A minimalist bathroom is often good if you’re trying to sell or rent your home because it’s easy to add to a minimalist bathroom and make it your own. The minimalist style bathroom isn’t difficult to pull off. You just need to keep things simple, focus on strong lines and flat colours. You can get very simple and stylish bathroom fixtures to go with your minimalist bathroom style. A Mediterranean style bathroom is actually fairly similar in that it uses clean lines and simple fixtures. One of the major differences s that a lot of Mediterranean bathrooms have a lot of brightly coloured tells on its pastel walls and floors. Tile mosaics are especially popular in Mediterranean style bathrooms. So is marble, which is actually a lot more expensive in North America and so is not so common in bathrooms here. If, on the other hand, you have a fairly large bathroom, you might like a luxury bathroom. Many luxury bathrooms have two rooms with a simple divider, with a large Jacuzzi or vanity on one side with a toilet and all the rest on the other. Some luxury bathrooms also have a sauna or steam room, or even a tanning bed. Perhaps a little less exciting is the country bathroom. These bathrooms have a sort of cottagey look with a lot of hand painted stuff, printed cloth, and carved wood.

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Bathroom Design

The key to a successful bathroom renovation is in having a detailed bathroom design as well as a budget. If you jump right into a home renovation project without first planning it out, you will likely run into a lot more problems and will problem end up paying more in the end for the same results. If you’re completely remodeling an existing bathroom, the best way to get started is to take measurements of your bathroom so that you can start making bathroom designs on paper. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can look up bathroom designs in home renovation magazines. However, you’ll often find with small bathrooms that the plumbing and shape of the existing bathroom will dictate a lot of your bathroom design simply because a toilet can only fit here and a shower there and so on. In that case, you can focus on the style of your bathroom fixtures rather than their placement.

Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles can be expensive but are usually well worth it. Nice bathroom tiles can really complete a bathroom. There are hundreds of bathroom tiles and bathroom tile designs to choose from. While a lot of new homes just have the standard three by three bathroom tiles around the shower, you can put bathroom tiles just about anywhere in your bathroom. Many European bathrooms have showers that are completely tiled with tiny bathroom tiles from floor to ceiling. You can also have your bathroom floor tiled. Some people have heating pipes under the floor bathroom tiles so that the floor isn’t cold when you get out of the shower. Most of the time, a simple bathroom mat will do.

Bathroom Sinks and Bathroom Showers

There are so many types of bathroom sinks to choose from that the easiest way to begin is often just to go to the store yourself and choose a whole lot of bathroom sinks that appeal to you. You can take photos of the ones you like and pore over them later while you try to narrow down the list. It also helps to have photos of bathroom furniture for bathroom design purposes. For instance, if you have photos of all your other bathroom furniture with you when you go shopping for a bathroom mirror, it will make it easier to find a bathroom mirror that matches the overall look of your bathroom. You’ll likely find a lot of your bathroom furniture in one place since bathroom sinks, bathroom toilets, and bathroom showers are often sold as matching sets. The same goes for bathroom showers. For instance, you’ll likely want matching facets in your bathroom sink and bathroom shower because it will look strange if your bathroom sink has chrome faucets and your bathroom shower has a gold faucet and shower head.

Bathroom Accessories

You can complete your bathroom style concept with some simple bathroom accessories. Little bathroom accessories can add some nice finishing touches to a newly renovated bathroom. Fun bathroom accessories include bathroom shower curtains, soap dishes, and fancy shower heads. Bathroom accessories should be the last things you buy when renovating your bathroom.

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