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Who Is Brooke Burke?

If you haven’t heard of Brooke Burke, you probably have seen her.  Whether it is from a hugely popular travel TV show, “Wild On”, or from the plethora of fashion and men’s magazine covers her face (and not to forget her body) has adorned, or perhaps it’s from the extensive internet coverage focusing on her, ranging from her macromedia-laden “official” website to the many others that has superimposed her face atop a naked body.  Indeed, “naked pictures of brooke burke” remains a top search engine term in the strange and expansive universe that is the World Wide Web.  But I will digress.  I have been given the assignment of writing on Brooke Burke.  What can I do that will be different than what is usually offered?  Perhaps I can get to the core of this question: Who is Brooke Burke? 

I’ll start at the surface – and what a voluptuous surface that is - for those youngins’ with them raging hormones and those middle-aged men with too much time on (and for) their hands.  Although I’m sure that Brooke Burke may have a wonderful and charming personality, it is her outward appearance that has garnered her fame and fortune.  Not just a pretty face, this stunning pixie has been well endowed with a body that would make most men crumble to their knees… most willingly.  Allow me to paint you a verbal landscape superficially describing Brooke Burke: She is 5’7” tall brown-eyed brunette with a look that can seamlessly swing from “the girl next door” to “exotic beauty”.  Her face consists of big inquisitive eyes, a cute petite nose, and full lips that display a playful devilish nature to her character.  Her body could be deemed “beautiful”, if you subscribe to society’s idealized Barbie-doll beauty standards.  Her large breasts (36D by my estimation) are noteworthy to many about her large breasts noteworthy.  Sorry, I just had a momentary lapse of concentration.   

That has been my personal description from my limited exposure to Brooke Burke.  But for your own in-depth assessment and evaluation of Brooke Burke’s outer anatomy, I suggest perusing the pages of the Playboy edition that spotlights her unsheathed, unplugged, and exposed in provocative postures.  I understand that it is quite enlightening.  On a psychological aspect, what does this say about the nature of who Brooke Burke is?  I gather that she is a confident being who is all too aware of the power provided from her good looks (by society’s standards of course).  Was Brooke Burke always this confident?  To explore this question, one needs to understand Brooke Burke’s upbringing and rise to stardom. 

Brooke Burke was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1971 but was raised in Tucson, Arizona as the middle child of seven siblings (with three older sisters and three younger brothers).  Her exotic look can be attributed to her heritage: her mother is Portuguese-Irish and her father was French-Irish.  Was Brooke Burke always beautiful (by society’s standards of course)?   Yes, yes she was.  Ms. Burke won her first beauty pageant at age 14.  In high school, while accompanying her less-beautiful (by society’s standards) friend to a modeling agency, Brooke Burke was “discovered”, as most beautiful people are, by a talent scout who just happened to be there.  So to answer the original question of whether Brooke Burke was always confident: I hypothesize, yes, yes she was.  As a side note, her less beautiful friend, who was shunned by the agency, went on to a downward spiral culminating in many babies and an addiction to methamphetamines.        

After dabbling in modeling while in Arizona, Brooke won an acting scholarship, headed to Los Angeles, and began her broadcast journalism studies at UCLA. In her extra time, she worked as a model and gained considerable experience while posing for the Frederick's of Hollywood catalogs.  Getting modeling jobs was no problems for Brooke Burke as she signed onto the high-profile Ford, Wilhelmina, and Cunningham Escott talent agencies.  By this time, Brooke had already appeared in up to a dozen magazine covers, not to mention several television commercials including the Bally Total Fitness commercials, Discover Card commercials (as Derek Jeter's dream date), and commercials for Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch and M Professional Cosmetics.  However it would be her gig with E! Entertainment Television’s, Wild On, which would earn her worldwide fame that has enabled her to become the household name that she is today. 

After being highly recommended, Brooke Burke won the job in 1999 as host of Wild On, a travel showed geared towards young adults seeking adventure abroad.  Over the years we have seen Brooke travel the world, visiting the most vibrant locales from French Polynesia to the Mayan Riviera, participating in daring adventures from scuba-diving with sharks to eating a young Colobus monkey while bungee-jumping, akin to a chimpanzee on the hunt.  She has made the show increasingly popular with her vibrant energy, spontaneity, and willingness to interact with the local peoples, and partake in local fun-filled activities.  It may also seem beneficial that she would host the show dressed in tantalizing, sensual, and suggestive clothing that would accentuate her noteworthy breasts.  But I’m sure the garb was really, really comfortable.  I mean, what could be more comfortable than nothing?  Good on you Brooke Burke!  Keep up the fine work. 

But there is more to Brooke Burke that meets the eye.  Despite being the public eye, she goes to great lengths to protect her private life.  I think.  Don’t all celebrities?  She has been satisfactorily married to Dr. Garth Fisher.  Dr. Fisher is a cosmetic surgeon with a heart of gold and a nice car.  He is also the envy of his friends, colleagues, and even his wife, because of his incredible good looks.  Brooke Burke and Dr. Fisher have two lovely children named Neira (born March 2000) and Sierra Sky (born April 2002).

So in essence, Brooke Burke is not just an entertainment superstar with beauty and noteworthy breasts.  She is a mother, a wife, a sister, a model, a fan, a comfortable shoulder, an understanding ear, a digester of Colobus monkeys, a voice for the disenchanted, a voice for the not-so disenchanted.  She has many layers like Shrek.  To recapitulate and reiterate, Brooke Burke is more than noteworthy breasts.  She is statistically significantly more than that!  And you can quote me on that.