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Kitchens - Styles

Summertime is the best time for home renovations. If you’re doing some kitchen remodelling you may be familiar with common kitchen styles such as English country, formal country, casual country, and European. If it’s a fitted kitchen or simply some new kitchen cabinets you’re looking for, we can help you with your kitchen remodeling project. When you’re remodeling your kitchen, it can look mismatched and rather haphazard if you don’t have a specific design or kitchen style in mind when you buy your kitchen cabinets and furniture. If you already have an idea in mind of what sort of kitchen you like, make a plan to ensure all the kitchen furniture works together.
This design will help you throughout your kitchen remodeling when you’re choosing paint colours or tiles for your floor or backsplash. Bring your kitchen design with you everywhere while shopping for your home renovations. It also helps to take photos of items that you like, such as kitchen cabinets or counter tops, so that you can make sure everything else matches when you go shopping. Sometimes it’s easier to choose a certain style to follow when kitchen remodeling to give you an idea of what things look good together in kitchens. Let’s begin with a few of the different types of kitchens, including the fitted kitchen, English country kitchens, formal country kitchens, European kitchens, and finally, the casual country kitchen. There are many other kitchen styles, but for now we’ll just cover the basics to get a general idea of kitchen designs. Fitted kitchens are more mix-and-match than most kitchens. The fitted kitchen usually combines a number of different styles of kitchen cabinets and furniture. Sometimes a nice piece of furniture, such as an antique chest, may be converted into a table or counter island in a fitted kitchen. When it comes to fitted kitchens, it’s very important that you pair items carefully and tastefully so that your fitted kitchen doesn’t look like a mish mash of old junk. In a fitted kitchen, it’s not unusual to have plain white kitchen cabinets alongside rustic-looking wood kitchen cabinets.
Though this contrast can be interesting, it is only successful if the kitchen cabinets are carefully chosen to complement one another. You might also consider having a number of different types of lighting, counter tops, and finishes. Part of your floor may be wood and another part stone or tile. The key to fitted kitchens is variety, not chaos. As well as fitted kitchens, there are many different types of country kitchens. Country kitchen can refer to too many styles to name here, so we’ll focus on just a few. These include English country kitchens, casual country kitchens, and formal country kitchens. Though all these styles are referred to as country, each refers to completely different designs of kitchens. If you think of brightly painted kitchen cabinets with rough worn edges and lots of wood and bright colours mismatched teapots and knickknacks, you are probably thinking of what’s referred to as casual country style. Casual country has a slightly looser design and looks more lively than other country styles. Casual country also incorporates a lot of different kitchen cabinets of various colours and finishes with open shelves to display bright dishes and copper pots. The casual country style also uses a lot of layering of shapes and colours, especially on kitchen cabinets. If you’d like to give your kitchen cabinets a casual country look, you can use a special kind of paint that gives a worn look by causing the paint to crackle when it dries. This crackle effect is used in many casual country style kitchens and can be achieved inexpensively if you do it yourself. A second type of country style is the English country style kitchen. English country kitchens are rather more like French country kitchens than casual country kitchens.
As opposed to the worn-looking brightly coloured mismatched kitchen cabinets of the casual country kitchens, English country kitchens tend more toward creams and whites, frilly cloths and lace, and warm colours. The kitchen cabinets of English country kitchens are usually set flush and like casual country kitchens, have a lot of open shelves, hooks, and kitchen cabinets to display crockery. English country kitchens are especially well suited to kitchens with low ceilings, as you might find in an English cottage. English country kitchens for this reason tend to be warm and cozy. Lots of natural light is important in English country kitchens and wildflowers are a perfect accent. Though there are many types of country kitchens, the last of the country kitchens that will be addressed here are the formal country kitchens. Formal country kitchens are quite the opposite of casual country kitchens, as the name implies. Formal country kitchens are very simple and sophisticated; they are painted mostly white or off-white, including the kitchen cabinets. If you want to keep your home renovations simple and clean-cut, a formal country kitchen has both classic character and minimalist style. If you intend to sell your home when your home renovations are complete, a formal country kitchen can help to increase your home’s value because potential buyers will like a simple formal country kitchen with lots of potential for them to make it their own. Appliances and counter tops should also be simple and white. Often, colour is injected into a formal country kitchen with brightly coloured backsplash tiles or a rich dark hardwood floor. Characteristic of a formal country kitchen are its simple polished surfaces, lots of glass, and the balance in its design. Finally, there’s the ever-popular European style kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are often hidden or disguised with invisible hinges, and flat, sleek finishes. European kitchens also use a lot of polished shiny surface like chrome, plastic and marble.
In southern Europe, kitchens are full of marble with marble counter tops, marble floors, marble tables, and even marble windowsills. This is almost unthinkable in north America because marble is so much more expensive here. Marble is plentiful in countries like Portugal and quite expensive to ship because its so heavy. Therefore, they don’t export a lot of marble to the United States, where marble is often too expensive to use for home renovations. Lucky for you, there are other ways to achieve the European kitchen look. In Canada, stone counter tops, like granite, are common. An even cheaper alternative is faux marble, actually made from plastic. These counter tops however will confuse European visitors, who will place hot pots on them and melt them because they assume that it’s real marble. Natural light is less important in a European kitchen, and a lot of carefully designed artificial lighting makes up for it. That’s why the european kitchen is more common in basements and condos that only have a few windows and don’t receive a lot of sunlight during the day. One thing that all of these kitchens have in common is that they’re expensive home renovations and they all contain some sort of kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are often the most expensive part of kitchen remodeling and their installation is usually the cause of the most headaches. If there’s one part of your kitchen remodeling you should have a professional do, it’s your kitchen cabinets.
Though painting and finishing your kitchen cabinets can be an easy do it yourself project, the installation and fitting of kitchen cabinets can be far more complicated. Most kitchens are not a standard size or shape and the standard kitchen cabinets just don’t fit perfectly. That’s why people have to get custom fit kitchen cabinets when doing kitchen remodeling. Fitted kitchens can be especially challenging because the kitchen cabinets, counters or other kitchen furniture that you’re fitting side by side may not be the same shape or size and will likely require extra work to make them fit. It’s also important that you choose a style of kitchen that works with the rest of your house.
For instance, if the rest of your home renovations include minimalist, clean designs with lots of white, straight lines, and modern furniture, you should not consider casual country kitchens because they’re more chaotic and in my opinion, prone to clutter. I think that casual country kitchens are prone to becoming cluttered because the storage spaces are so open. The only way you can really get away with those kinds of kitchens without looking slovenly, is if you’re extremely organized and keep a very tidy house. For me, one of the most important things in kitchen remodeling is that there’s plenty of storage space in kitchen cabinets so that no one sees my mess lying around.
When your home renovations are finally complete, you’ll be able to sit back in your new (choose one) English country kitchen; formal country kitchen; casual country kitchen; Europeans style kitchen; or fitted kitchen. It’s important to choose the right kitchen style for you because people who are comfortable in their kitchens have more fun cooking in their kitchens and don’t mind spending as much time in there. Nice kitchens change lives.