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Lisa Snowdon

The name Lisa Snowdon is probably not the most well known name in the United States when one mentions the most beautiful women in the world, but all that is about to change.  This lovely brunette is poised to become one of America’s sweethearts as she makes her leap into North American stardom.

But again, this doesn’t answer the question of who she is exactly.  Well if you are a person living in England she is known as the only good looking woman on the island (just kidding). She is known as the beautiful face and gorgeous body behind many an advertising campaign.  Lisa is instantly recognizable on her home island whenever she appears in a commercial, on a magazine cover or on a billboard.

Lisa is also well known as the woman who has appeared on pretty much every magazine cover in the realm of male ‘lad’ magazines.  From Maxim to Playboy to FHM this gorgeous woman has graced them all.

Lisa Snowdon has also released an album of her own songs.  While the songs themselves are all right they didn’t catch in England…or anywhere else for that matter.  A couple of her tunes appeared in a bunch of commercials but that wasn’t really enough to help the album catch fire.  Of course that doesn’t really matter now, Lisa has a much more important job now…as Boyfriend to George Clooney.

Not that his is a job per se but I’m sure it does keep her plenty busy.  After all it’s not like George could be seen with anyone less beautiful than the most beautiful woman in England.  Hey…sorry, but has anyone else noticed that George Clooney wants to be the next Frank Sinatra.  Really, he does, think about it.  He’s got those movies, those Ocean’s movies that are remakes of old rat pack jobs.  And he has cameos in a bunch of movies starring old Rat pack alums. 

But whatever, that’s beside the point.  This story is about Lisa Snowdon and her captivating beauty.  I’m not sure what else I can say about Lisa, other than if you came to this site to find pictures of her, you are out of luck.  If I had any I would put them up, but instead all I have is a picture of my contorted face. 

Why is my face contorted?  It’s contorted because as I was researching exactly who this heavily search Lisa Snowdon is my computer was inundated with pop-ups and other crap.  I guess people who like beautiful women pay for it heavily by getting bothered all the time on the net.  I would do something about it if I could…but I can’t…sorry.