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Motor Drive

Motor drives are a neat function on cameras. They allow you to take multiple shots in a second or less. This feature is good in action photography, but it is not essential.

Some newer models of cameras have silent motor functions that silence your camera when focusing and shooting. This feature is ideal for nature and wildlife photography where you don’t want to disrupt your subject(s).

On many cameras, the motor drive is labeled as a “continuous shooting” dial. Some cameras without this feature may force you to buy a separate motor drive unit to fit on your camera. But even when you think you might need it, it is not always necessary. In action photography, for example, you should be good enough to time the moment every shot. Relying on the motor drive could mean that you have little confidence in your timing and therefore, are relying on the camera to get the shot. Bu this is not always the case, because if your timing is bad on the first shot, it will be off on the second or third shot too. This is important in action evens like show jumping where timing is essential; any shot too early or tool late will not sell. Practice getting good with timing one shot for best results.