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Aerial Photography

Looking for adventure or the thrill of a lifetime? How would you like to document the world from a bird’s eye view? Well, aerial photography is one of the most popular forms of picture taking among radical adventure seekers and photographers alike.

To be a great aerial photographer, first and foremost, you need the stomach to tolerate heights. If you don’t like heights, you’re not going to succeed unless you undergo therapy or hypnotism to get you mentally prepared for the idea of taking pictures thousands of feet above the ground.

One of the most popular kinds of aerial photography today are of skydiving. With a camera in hand, photographers are taking shots of people falling out of planes while the photographer is also falling out of a plane! More than a steady hand, you need a good position in the sky and the patience to look through a lens when the only thing you care about is not putting a dent in the earth below you.

Other kinds of photography are landscapes from the perspective of someone in a plane. This is not as harrowing as a free-fall, but it is just as challenging; you’re main objective is usually looking for patterns in the earth below for which to photograph. The earth is full of shapes, patterns and interesting designs when you see it from the sky. Take advantage of what you see and document it keeping in mind rules of composition.

Some people suffer from vertigo and get dizzy when looking down through lens (especially a zoom). Take some time to practice looking at things with your body in original positions (lay on your back and look through your lens upside down). Getting accustomed to this change will go a long way in helping your special capacities adjust.

You can make a good amount of money in aerial photography. Try freelancing to airlines or extreme sports publications. There are always people looking for images to include in advertising packages and promotional material. You can establish yourself as a reliable and good shooter if you find a way to sell your work. The competition is relatively low because, lets face it, few people want to grab a camera and take pictures from the sky – even if people are doing it, it is difficult to really get a great shot.

Hone your photography skills and “dive” into a field full of adventure and excitement. It may be the best move you ever made!