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Editing Software

After downloading your images to a computer, you might want to edit some of them. But where can you get software for editing? Most likely, there is editing software already installed on your computer (with very basic editing tools), or check your digital camera box to see what software you purchased when you purchased your camera. These kinds of software are better than the computer software, but still limiting for anyone working in the industry. Basically there are two categories of software: friendly and advanced. Friendly software (as described above) include software with basic applications for people who don’t know a great deal about photo manipulation but want to have fun with their pictures. Advanced software is just that, and is meant for working photographers, editors and students.

Some friendly software include Adobe PhotoDeluxe, MGI PhotoSuite, Microsoft PictureIt and Kai’s Photo Soap.  If you intend to take digital imaging in a serious way, you may prefer a more sophisticated system with more tools and palettes. With the more advanced software you can adjust for image size, shape, sharpness, color correction and contrast, overlaying, and a number of other things. The leading software used by professional photographers and designers include Adobe Photoshop, Live Picture and Xres. Though these are considered are the top, there are cheaper alternatives like PaintShop Pro, Corel PhotoPaint, Picture Publisher and PhotoImpact.

Decide what level you are at (or want to be at) in your photographic development and choose the system best suited for you.