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Buying a Home - Buyer's Help

Do you want to find out more about real estate?  If you’re looking to purchase some real estate, you’ll first need to find a good real estate agent and a decent mortgage rate.  Once you’re approved for a mortgage at the mortgage rate you’re happy with, a realtor will help you to find the real estate you want.  To keep informed about real estate or to find a realtor, check out some real estate blogs.  You can find lots of real estate blogs on the internet by searching for ‘real estate blogs’.  You can also compare mortgage rates on the internet.  When applying for a mortgage, you must provide information about your income, assets, monthly expenses and such. 

Mortgages can be fixed or variable.  With a fixed mortgage, the mortgage rate stays the same for the duration of the mortgage.  However, banks will often put conditions on mortgages so that you can’t pay off your mortgage any faster than your mortgage agreement prescribes.  A variable mortgage is a mortgage with a variable mortgage rate.  Variable mortgage rates are usually a fair bit lower than fixed mortgage rates but are riskier than fixed mortgage rates because variable mortgage rates fluctuate. 

A mortgage is a special kind of real estate loan agreement, often between a bank and someone looking to buy real estate.  You can choose from a number of mortgage payment plans with your bank.  Your real estate agent can help you to choose a mortgage that’s right for you.  Real estate agents have experience with mortgage brokers and know how to negotiate the best mortgage rates to suit your needs.  A bigger mortgage is not always better, because although you may be able to buy a more expensive home, your mortgage payments will be higher and probably last much longer.   To get an idea of what mortgage options are available to you, check out a real estate blog.  Real estate blogs likely contain answers to many of your real estate-related questions, such as how to get a mortgage; what kind of mortgage rate you should expect; how to find a realtor in your area; how to become a real estate agent; as well as how to avoid real estate agents (i.e. FSBOs).

FSBO is a term often used in real estate blogs by realtors and real estate agents that stands for ‘for sale by owner’.  FSBO sellers cut out the real estate agent and sell their homes themselves so that they don’t have to pay commission to a real estate agent.  However, the buyer’s real estate agent may still be involved.  Selling your home through a real estate agent has some great advantages over FSBO.  For one, real estate agents know the market and can often get a much higher price for your home than you could without the help of a real estate agent.  If you don’t believe me, check out a real estate blog about FSBO.  You’ll see that although people save money by not hiring a realtor, they often end up losing money because they don’t get as high a price for their real estate as a real estate agent may have collected.  On the other hand, an FSBO makes negotiations more direct by cutting out the realtor middleman. 

It’s worth taking the time to find a rally good realtor because you will likely need a real estate agent more than once in a lifetime and if you find a realtor that you trust, your real estate ventures will likely go more smoothly.  A realtor, by the way, is anyone involved in real estate trade that is licensed under the NAR, the national association of realtors.  However, people have come to refer to all Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Brokers, and the like, regardless of whether they hold an NAR license.

A real estate agent will tell you that two types of mortgages exist: mortgage by demise, and mortgage by legal charge.  Mortgage by demise is quite uncommon and this type of mortgage has been altogether abolished in some parts of the world.  A mortgage by demise is a mortgage by which the lending institution owns the real estate property until the mortgage is fully paid, at which time the real estate property is handed over to the buyer.  If the mortgage is not paid off, the lender may do as they please with the real estate property.  A mortgage by legal charge is far more common.

Some people have a hard time getting a mortgage from a mortgage broker even if they have the money.  A mortgage broker may not give a mortgage to someone with bad credit because it’s too risky.  A client looking for a mortgage may have to shop around for a mortgage or wait until they establish a better credit rating to obtain a mortgage at a decent mortgage rate from their mortgage broker.  Real estate agents often have preferred mortgage brokers or someone who will look for the best rates offered by different mortgage brokers who can get the realtor’s clients the best mortgage plan at the best mortgage rate.  Current mortgage rates can range anywhere from five to six percent.  A real estate agent will tell you what you might expect to pay and what kind of mortgage rate is reasonable.  

The best way to avid problems attaining a mortgage at a good mortgage rate is to have lots of money so that you can pay cash for your Real Estate.  Wouldn’t it be great not having a mortgage.  Call a realtor to find out what kind of place you can afford without getting a mortgage from a mortgage broker.  Real estate agents know that a mortgage, even at a good rate, can put a damper on things.  Nobody wants an enormous mortgage that you spend much of your life and pay paying interest on.  Or you could lively up your mortgage with a good mortgage rate.  Real estate agents always get great mortgage rates because they’re in Real Estate and they know all about mortgages and mortgage rates.

You can avoid having a mortgage by saving up lots of money before you buy real estate.  One way to save money to buy real estate is to not use a Real estate agent and to FSBO instead.  If you want to know what FSBOs are all about, ask a realtor.  However, you might upset your real estate agent if you ask them how to go about an FSBO because it means you won’t be using a real estate agent.  An alternative is to check out a real estate blog.  You can either read through real estate blogs until you find the FSBO information you’re looking for or you could post a query on a real estate blog about FSBO real estate.  Once you find a real estate blog that offers reliable real estate information, you can use it to research all sorts of real estate stuff.  Most real estate blogs are written by realtors who always have up-to-date real estate information about the real estate marker.  It’s a realtor’s job to know all about real estate. 

My top five favourite real estate blogs are written by real estate agents and other realtors.  As mentioned, a realtor does not necessarily have to be a real estate agent.  A realtor is just someone involved in any type of real estate who is licensed under the national association of realtors.  This could include real estate agents, real estate brokers, mortgage brokers with real estate licenses, or anyone else involved in real estate trade.  Becoming a licensed realtor is no easier for real estate agents than mortgage brokers or anyone else.  However, most people get their real estate license from the national association of realtors before acting as real estate agents.

For whatever reason (check out a real estate blog if you really want to know), some people not only put their house up FSBO, but when they’re looking to buy real estate, they insist on buying a place that’s FSBO.  What makes this difficult is that real estate agenjts don’t advertise FSBO properties and obviously aren’t going to tell you about FSBO real estate, so FSBO real estate can be hard to find.  Because FSBO real estate gets so much less exposure, especially since real estate agents tend to invest a lot of the money you pay them in advertising your real estate property, FSBO properties don’t get as much interest as properties advertised by realtors in real estate magazines and real estate blogs.  Therefore, although realtor services can be expensive, it is often worth the cost because you might sell yiur real estate for  a much higher price.  There were two homes for sale on my street this month.  Both parties used real estate agents: one to list the real estate, and the other to help the buyer buy the real estate.  Real estate agents are incredibly talented when it comes to Real Estate and personally, I think FSBOs just aren’t worth the hassle.