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Buying a Home - When to Buy a Home

Any real estate agent will tell you that, like all real estate things, buying a new home is all about timing.  So how do you know when to buy a home or a new house for sale?  You’ve got to realise that you can’t hurry real estate.  You just have to wait.  You may have to pass up many great houses for sale before the time is right.  The best time to buy is when there’s a slump in the real estate market, especially if you’re a first time buyer and don’t have to list a house for sale before you buy a home.  However, if real estate’s booming, you may have to settle for less-than-ideal house for sale or wait for the real estate market to die down a bit.  How long must you wait?  You shouldn’t grow too impatient to buy a home if the real estate’s not right.  There’ll always be homes for sale so it’s best to wait for that perfect house for sale.  Sometimes however, real estate will just continue to grow more and more expensive until you can’t afford any of the homes for sale you wanted.  But that’s real estate.

Think of buying a home as the first day of your life.  In real estate, everything can change in an instant – prices of homes for sale can rise or fall very quickly.  You’ll be very lucky if the prices of homes for sale rise right after you buy a home.  A pro-star real estate agent can help you to make this happen when you buy a home.

If the real estate market’s right, go ahead and buy a home.  What are you afraid of?  Maybe you’re just not man enough to buy a home.  If you see a house for sale that you like, you should listen to your heart and buy a home.  If you’re not certain about it, ask a real estate agent.  It will only cost you twenty thousand dollars – nothing compared to the price of a new house for sale.  Real estate doesn’t come easy

Once you buy a new home, you and your real estate agent can go for a bike ride to celebrate.  My real estate agent is addicted to real estate so I’m confident he’ll find me a nice home for sale.  He said that if I buy a home through him, it will just feed his addiction to real estate.  Personally, I don’t care much for real estate stuff, and I’d rather my real estate agent handle everything.  He’s better at that kind of thing anyway.  He also listed my house for sale so that all those people looking for homes for sale will see my house for sale on the MLS. 

The last house for sale that I bought through a real estate agent was a house near a truck stop.  I wanted to buy a home near a highway somewhere but it can be hard to find homes for sale near highway truck stops.  When I finally managed to find a house for sale near a truck stop I bought it and had a party with my real estate agents and his Real Estate buddies.  Real estate parties are becoming more and more common, as people want to express their gratitude for their real estate agent finding them homes for sale and helping them to buy a home.  Popular real estate party games include pin the mortgage on the house for sale, real estate piñata, musical Real Estate, and twister.

If you’re looking for homes for sale in the downtown area, remember that real estate downtown can be a lot more expensive.  You’ll find that a great house for sale in the city can cost a lot more than the same house for sale just outside the city, because real estate is all about location.  Some people buy a home in the city and save money by riding their bike to work rather than buying a house for sale in the suburbs and driving an hour to work each day. 

By age nineteen, I had already learned an important lesson about real estate: you usually can’t buy a home if the house is not for sale.  I looked for homes for sale in the newspaper and on the internet, which lists new homes for sale everyday.  If I were to list my house for sale I would post it first on the internet because everyone goes to real estate sites on the internet to search for homes for sale.  Some people even buy their home over the net.  You can have your real estate agent in a totally different part of the world email you listings of homes for sale until you see a house for sale that you like.  Your real estate agent can then send you the appropriate Real Estate documents to buy a home.  You should have a witness when you sign real estate papers to buy a home.  This is especially important if you are a real estate agent yourself, because the people you buy a home from may be suspicious otherwise of your real estate ways.  I would be wary of a real estate agent wanting my house for sale.  Anyhow, I was looking for homes for sale on the internet but the real estate I wanted was not for sale.  I called a real estate agent and told him I wanted to buy a home on Spruce Street.  The real estate agent asked me if the house for sale was indeed a house for sale.  I told him that it wasn’t and he told me that I couldn’t buy a home that was not a house for sale.  The same goes for selling a house.  You can’t sell your house for sale to someone who doesn’t want to buy a home.

If you don’t mind buying a house for sale when you buy a home, everything will be a lot simpler for you.  Few homes for sale in the history of real estate are sold to people who don’t want to buy a home and few people looking to buy a home buy a home from someone whose home is not for sale.  If you’re desperate to buy a home and you can’t find a house for sale that you like, you might have to buy a home that you don’t like.

I must warn you not to buy a home if your only reason to buy a home is to impress your friends.  There’s a lot more to real estate than homes for sale and impressing your friends.  And how will your house for sale feel when it finds out that you don’t really care.  Soon your house for sale won’t recognize you and before you know it your real estate agent’s lips will never call your name.  Then there are people who are just too young to buy a home.  They fall for some real estate mogul’s phony French accent who charms the pants off a pretty house for sale every week and before they know it they have eight baby homes for sale, their real estate agent isn’t returning their calls, and other homes for sale don’t want anything to do with them.  This is how real estate can become messy.  If people would just take the advice of professional real estate agents, not these real estate frauds, they could find homes for sale and avoid the hassle of an unwanted miniature house for sale.

Your landlord might try to convince you not to buy a home.  Landlords know Real Estate and they know they’d rather you pay them rent than buy a house of your own.  If you find a house for sale that’s not in very good condition, you could fix it up and list the house for sale at a profit shortly after.  But don’t be fooled by reality shows where couples buy a home, clean it up and list their house for sale moths later and make a fortune.  Real estate agents usually recognize shoddy handiwork and will advise a client looking to buy a home not to buy houses for sale that have poor finishes. 

Some people in real estate forget they’re alive, too busy looking for a house for sale.  I look for homes for sale when I’m walking home from school.  I dream of homes for sale in Chicago.  Maybe my dream house for sale is in Chicago.  I’d have to save up for a long time to buy a home there because real estate is very expensive in Chicago.  I wouldn’t mind buying an expensive house for sale when I retire.  I’ll have my whole life to save up to buy a home across the street from a bakery.  Maybe I’ll become a real estate agent so that I might learn more about real estate than all the other real estate agents.  Then I can be certain that I’m getting the best deal when I buy a house for sale.