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Julia Roberts

This coming week sees the return of Billy Ocean and his cabal of stylish thieves in Ocean’s 12.  This time around the boys have eschewed their native land for the cozy confines of old Europe.  Having outstayed their welcome in America these guys are in search of greener pastures, or in their cases the multicolored pastures of Europe’s new Currency, the Euro. 

While the cast from the first movie is all back, it is Julia Roberts who has everyone’s attention this time.  The new mother of twins has been in the spotlight as of late due to her fans obsessions with every last detail of her charmed life.  But it was a detail on the poster for the new movie that has Julia a little miffed…or at least acting a little miffed.

Here’s what I’m talking about. This is the all-star cast line-up as it appears on the poster.

George Clooney

Brad Pitt

Matt Damon

Katherine Zeta-Jones

Andy Garcia

Don Cheadle

Bernie Mac

and Julia Roberts

Notice anything wrong here.  I didn’t but I guess Julia did, because after the Poster went up, she made some comments about being disappointed that she was placed at the bottom of the line up.  Is this truly a problem for her or is this just more grist for the gossip mill.

The rumor on these films is that the cast love to play tricks on each other and they are always fooling around (much like the cast of the original film starring the Rat Pack). So this could just be Julia Roberts way of getting in on the action and ruffling the feathers of her male co-stars, or it could be true diva disappointment.

No one can be sure, and Julia Roberts certainly isn’t letting on, but as I see it, having your name at the bottom of the list with the ‘and’ besides it indicates its own special status.  Either way, this is just another example of more publicity for a movie that already has had plenty of it.  Lets hope it lives up to the hype.