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Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr is back on track.  Literally.  A previously troubled actor-cum-singer has just released a debut album called The Futurist.  Four years after his parole, two arrests and a year in a court-ordered drug treatment facility, Downey, 39, has become a singer, songwriter and pianist. The album of eight of his own pop ballads as well as two cover songs, Smile, a Charlie Chaplin composition, and Your Move by Yes.

Downey designed the cover, which has received some mixed reviews, however, it’s what’s inside the box that counts.  Robert Downey Jr. recorded his album at Santa Monica, California, recording studio. 

Even though the pressure of recording a new album and re-inventing himself has been bearing down on him, Downey says that the benefits do outweigh the efforts. 

He was quoted as saying: "Music is great therapy. It really is. I don't know anyone who isn't in the midst of some transition, or whether it's positive or negative, and you'll see they'll start gravitating toward new stuff or certain old stuff that's resonating for them."

Some may already be familiar with his musical talent. He has performed and even composed a number of songs for his films, including "Heart and Souls," "Two Girls and a Guy," "Friends and Lovers," "The Pick-Up Artist" and "The Singing Detective."

Downey was nominated for an Oscar for his leading role in 1992's "Chaplin." He next stars opposite Val Kilmer in the thriller "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang," which will be released in 2005.