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Robin Quivers

Robin Quivers, the famous-infamous Howard Stern sidekick has signed a deal to launch a new TV talk show.  Robin Quivers, who used to be an Air Force nurse started her radio career in 1980.  Her talk show is supposed to go on air in 2005.

Robin Quivers will remain with Howard Stern until the TV show is developed and there is speculation that once it goes through, she will leave Stern to concentrate on her own work. 

The actual feel and look of the show hasn’t been decided on, yet but some are suggesting that it should be – and it will be – much less shocking than what she does on air with Stern.  She joined Howard Stern show in 1981, and has been with him through all the thick and thin: FCC fines, firings, as well as on-air bad-taste shows that made fun of fatal airplane crash as well as a number of crazy stunts with porn actresses.

Robin Quivers, who became a captain during her Air Force stint, was a great on-air personality, sharing her love life stories, laughing her face off and talking about her weight issues. 

The FCC cracked down harder on indecent broadcasting following Janet Jackson's racy Super Bowl display last February and this is how the Howard Stern show started its race downhill.