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Award Shows

People love awards and awards shows.  An award show is such a special event that seems to satisfy all parties involved.  The artists or the scientists or the celebrities involved, their family, the audience, people watching the award show at home… It is one of those events that really brings people close together, it makes life seem more community-oriented.

Naturally, the most important player in the award show is the receiver of the award, it is his or her efforts that are recognized publicly and justly (for the most part) compensated for. 

Each year, millions of people sit in front of their television sets watching the Oscars, the preparation for the Oscars, the red carpet insanity.  It is exciting to watch the stars strut down the carpet and be themselves despite gorgeous gowns and suits.  And it is also exciting to watch the gorgeous gowns and suits and let's admit it, it is especially delicious to catch a sight of a star who has not dressed properly.

We tend to think of Hollywood when we think about awards.  It is here that people can watch an actor get his or her star on the Walk of Fame sidewalk, have a chance to sit in the audience during the American Music Awards or simply watch the celebrities arriving in their limousines, during the annual Oscar ceremonies.

Here are some of the award shows that are popular and widely-watched:

  • The Emmy Awards Show
  • The Academy Awards Show (Oscars)
  • The MTV music Awards
  • The Golden Globe Awards
  • The American Music Awards
  • Country Music Awards Showwi
  • The S.A.G. Awards
  • The People's Choice Awards