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Nicolette Sheridan

Do you remember last year's scandal when Janet Jackson had her wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl?   This year's scandal belongs to Nicolette Sheridan, a star of Desperate Housewives show whose show teaser was aired in front of Monday Night Football.  In it, Nicolette Sheridan seduced Terrell Owens, wearing nothing but a towel, and eventually wearing nothing but (well, only her ankles and her back is visible but that's enough to cause a couple of heart attacks, right?).

What happens exactly is Nicolette Sheridan walks up to Owens in the Eagles locker room wearing a towel and persuades Owens to skip the game and spend time with her. At first Owens is not sure… but he later gives in after Sheridan drops her towel, with her back to the cameras. The teaser ends with Sheridan jumping into Owens' arms.

Lots of people were outraged by the show teaser, ignoring the fact that football itself is a medley of violence, misogynistic commercials and half-naked cheerleaders… but football is, ultimately, an event the whole American family can enjoy, right?  Breasts and women wrapped in towels, then nude, should be left out of it, the nation does not want to get scandalized.

In his weekly press conference Terrell Owens said: "I felt like it was clean, the organization thought it was a clean skit and I think it's really gotten taken out of context with a lot of people."

But apparently lots of television viewers seem to disagree and since the teaser aired, a number of viewers have been complaining to the NFL about the indecent exposure.

They mostly complained about children watching… being exposed to inappropriate images during prime TV…  same old. 

The NFL, however, is no stranger to this type of public outrage since they had a similar experience earlier this year with the exposure of Janet Jackson's breast during the broadcasting of the Super Bowl.

NFL released a statement: "ABC's opening was inappropriate and unsuitable for our Monday Night Football audience. While ABC may have gained attention for one of its other shows, the NFL and its fans lost."