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Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith is perhaps one of the most notorious blonde bombshells of our times.  Currently she even surpasses that other blondie, Tara Reid, and her breast adventures.  So why are we so fascinated with Anna again?

Long time ago, before she ballooned to 98765 tons, then toned back down to Barbi proportions, Anna Nicole Smith was one of those celebrities whose pictures seemed to appear everywhere:  Playboy, Guess adds, television commercials.  It seemed that we couldn't get enough pics of this stripper-cum-supermodel.  She was compared to Marilyn Monroe, Bridgette Bardot… her fans went nuts over semi-nude and nude images of Anna that started to appear everywhere.  

She was the ultimate It girl for a while, having grown up poor in Mexia, in 1967, a small place in Texas, she was from the wrong side of the tracks – abandoned by her father, shuffled between her mother and her aunt, marrying at 17, becoming a mother at the same age --  by the early 1990s she made it to the top(sort of) of the A-list of celebrity. 

Her story is as fascinating as her drunken antics on her reality show.  In the beginning Anna Nicole Smith, born as Vickie Lynn Hogan, eventually left her husband and went to Houston where she started dancing nude under childhood nickname of "Nikki" and eventually choosing a more "classy" name: "Anna Nicole".  She wanted to become the next Marilyn Monroe, she believed that there was a connection between them. 

Dancing nude paid off, even though the only part of her body that gained her attention back then, was her ass.  Having been told by a photographer who visited the joint, that she had some potential, Anna Nicole Smith saved up money and set out to become a real star.  She underwent a number of plastic surgery operations, got bigger boobs, a face job and off she went to chase the stardom.

Before she became famous for her blonde locks, her boobs, ass and nude pictures she married one of the patrons of the strip joints where she worked at.  In 1994 she married with J. Howard Marshall, a 89-year-old wheelchair-bound billionaire. But after his dead in 1995 she didn't receive all that much, "merely" 2 million dollars. The heirs claimed at the court that Marshall couldn't have been in full possession of his spirit when he married Anna. However, later on – after long tedious court battles – Anna won close to 415 million dollars in settlement. 

Anna's first notable appearance was in October 1989, in Playboy magazine. Sine then she was several times on the frontage of Playboy and in 1993 she was the playmate of the year. She also played in a movie: Naked Gun 33 1/3.

Then we all had the pleasure watching her in the surreal Anna Nicole Smith show where she frolicked with strippers, small white dogs and a number of terrified men whom she'd pull onto her generous (and growing) lap to suck face with.  She would get drunk, stoned on pills, she would slur her words and bump into things.  She was like giant, velvet basketball full of blonde hair, boobs and ass. 

Thankfully she (sort of) came to her senses and decided to stop being a laughing stock of the entire television-watching nation.  She went on a diet (where she lost the amount of weight that would equal the original Anna Nicole Smith), started a lingerie line and went off to kiss everybody in sight who'd demand a kiss.  As far as Marylin Monroe goes, Anna Nicole Smith had the celebrity, the naked photos, the notoriety but, really, little of Monroe's talent.

But it so much fun to watch her and I can't wait till she goes back to being her fun velvet basketball self again.