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Spice Based Flavors

When it comes to any discussion about the resurgence in popularity of coffee over the last decade, you can point to a number of contributing factors.  The rise of specialty coffee chains like Starbucks has definitely created a refreshing change of coffee shop atmosphere from years before.  Additionally, the rise of specialty coffee drinks has certainly helped.  Espresso and espresso-based drinks like the cappuccino, mocha, and latte has certainly helped in increasing the appeal of coffee.  However, the biggest reason behind the increase of coffee popularity in America has to be due to flavored coffee.

The number of flavored coffee drinks that are available in cafes throughout the country has widened the number of available coffee drinks that are available to the coffee lover.  Additionally, the actual process of flavoring coffee means that there are now coffee drinks available that suit the taste palate of thousands of Americans.  Flavored coffee involves a unique process that takes place during the roasting coffee bean process.  Chemical solvents are added to the coffee bean during this stage and the chemical solvents that are added mimic natural flavorings.  With this understanding of the coffee making process, flavored coffee beans are now able to perfectly match the taste and aroma of the flavor that they are supposed to represent.  Flavored coffee has become all the rage among coffee enthusiasts and there are many popular types of flavored coffee available like spice flavored coffee.

Before you begin to wonder whether this was a typo, spice based flavored coffee is one of the four types of flavored coffee groups available.  While spice based flavored coffee drinks may seem strange, it actually reflects one of the oldest traditions in coffee.  Centuries ago when coffee was first drank by humans, the idea of adding spices to spruce up the flavor of the drink came into fruition.  Arabs were the first to add spices to their coffee by adding cinnamon to their drinks.  In other areas of the Middle East, coffee lovers added such spices as black pepper and nutmeg to their drinks.

While spice flavored coffee drinks may not be as popular as vanilla flavored coffee drinks or chocolate flavored coffee drinks, there are many coffee lovers that absolutely adore the simple taste of a spice flavored coffee.  In creating a spice flavored coffee bean, chemical solvents that mimic specific spices are added to gourmet coffee beans to create a sweet tasting drink.  Some of the more popular spice flavored coffee beans include:

  • Cinnamon Hazelnut: This delightful drink harkens back to one of the oldest coffee traditions of adding cinnamon to your coffee.  This flavored coffee drink has a strong cinnamon smell that mixes up with the sweet nuttines of hazelnut.  The aroma of this drink has been described as medicinal or perfumed and for cinnamon lovers, this is the drink for you.  While some coffee lovers have complained that the cinnamon flavor is so strong that it overpowers the hazelnut flavor in terms of aroma and flavor, it is still one of the most pleasant coffee drinks to have.
  • Cinnamon Almond Praline: This tasty little confection also follows the Middle Eastern tradition of adding the sweet spice of cinnamon to a cup of coffee.  A sweet and creamy drink, this spice flavored coffee drink has been described as intoxicatingly sweet.  Featuring a strong cinnamon aroma, many first-time drinkers of Cinnamon Almond Praline are surprised by the subtle caramelly sweetness of the drink.  It is a great coffee to have to compliment cake.