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Fruit based Flavors

Dejaun was preparing for a big job interview.  He had been waiting for the chance to work as an A&R for a major recording label for some time and had dedicated his life towards music.  Aware that he had absolutely great instincts for this job, Dejaun was nonetheless a little bit worried about the interview.  Despite his excellent credentials, Dejauan had a poor habit of under performing during interviews.  He would often give short answers to open ended questions that he would completely realize played to his strengths after the fact.  A cool cat any other time of the day, during interviews, Dejaun's mind would become overwhelmed with thoughts flowing through his head.  Understanding that the best way to counteract against nervousness during an interview was to go in with a relaxed mind, Dejaun decided to stop by a cafe and get his favorite drink - a chocolate raspberry flavored coffee.

While for centuries, coffee lovers have added extra natural toppings like cinnamon or sugar to their coffee to spruce up the taste, an important innovation has occurred within the world of coffee over the last twenty years - this being the perfection of flavored coffee.  The process of creating flavored coffee takes place during the coffee bean roasting stage.  Once the coffee bean has finished roasting, chemical solvents are added to create a flavored coffee bean.  The chemical solvents are designed to mimic natural flavorings and produce a coffee drink that is flavored to perfection.  Flavored coffee may not be viewed with the highest regard by coffee snobs that swear by the natural taste of a shot of espresso, but for regular coffee drinkers, there's nothing finer than a great cup of flavored coffee.

Extremely versatile, you may be a bit surprised by the choice of flavored coffee made by Dejuan.  While the most popular flavored coffee drinks tend to fall under either a vanilla-based flavor or a chocolate-based flavor, Dejuan's choice of chocolate raspberry falls under fruit-based flavored coffee beverages.  While fruit flavored coffee drinks may seem like a strange concoction, it actually produces a number of unique drinks that are perfect for those times where you don't want to feel like you're drinking coffee.  Some of the most popular fruit-based flavored coffee drinks include:

  • Chocolate Raspberry: A very intense drink that mixes chocolate and raspberry flavoring into the whole bean.  Featuring a strong raspberry aroma, this is definitely a dessert drink and you probably won't be able to drink more than one a day.  However, with its strong raspberry flavor, it is a great treat to have for those times where you just need to treat yourself.  Many coffee lovers feel that the chocolate taste is overpowered by the strong raspberry flavor and it should be known that the raspberry flavor is more akin to a raspberry candy than to the actual fruit.  A sweet drink for people that love sweet drinks.
  • Coconut Creme: A lovely fruit flavored coffee that combines coconut flavoring with a sweet creamy aroma.  Bits of vanilla flavorings mix perfectly with the coconut flavor to create a pleasant, tropically sweet drink.  A very unique flavor that is probably best enjoyed once in a while, a coconut creme flavored coffee is always a nice treat to have.
  • Piao Colada: Most people recognize this flavor from the alcoholic drink but a cup of piao colada flavored coffee is a very sweet and pleasant drink.  Pineapple can be detected in the drink's aroma and taste, which is not hard to expect considering that a Piao Colada is best enjoyed in the nice heat.  A great drink to have to impress others during special occasions!