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Vanilla-based Flavors

Jason was walking around his hometown of Eugene, Oregon visiting his family and friends over his Christmas break.  Currently undergoing his first year in college, Jason was understandably enjoying the relaxing time that he had to do nothing.  School had been a lot harder for him but he was glad to be this busy.  However, what Jason needed was a place to enjoy some rest and relaxation.  Spotting an intriguing coffee shop that must have opened in Eugene while he was away, Jason walked in intrigued.  He had become an ardent coffee drinker during school but was so used to brewing up pots of coffee while at school.  Wowed by the amount of selection that was available to him, Jason decided to try a different flavor of coffee that he had never had; something called Hazelnut.  One sip and Jason was in love, he had now reached a new level of coffee appreciation.

Scenes like this happen everyday in America.  With the rise of specialty coffee chains like Starbucks, millions of Americans are discovering the great taste of flavored coffee.  One of the most important innovations in recent coffee history, flavored coffee refers to the addition of chemical solvents that mimic natural flavorings to gourmet coffee beans during the roasting process.  This produces a unique tasting coffee bean that is bursting with tons of flavor.  While there are several groups of flavored coffee, the most popular group of flavored coffee beans are vanilla-based flavored coffee beans.

Vanilla flavored coffee drinks refer to beverages that utilize gourmet coffee beans that have an added vanilla-based flavor.  The group of vanilla-based flavors includes cremes such as French Vanilla coffee and nut-based flavors like Macademia Nut coffee.  Some of the most popular vanilla-based flavor coffee beans include:

  • Vanilla Nut: This snappy drink features a vanilla-cream aroma in whole beans.  Taste wise there is a hint of pleasant vanilla and toasted almonds that linger in your mouth after taking a sip.  However, the acidity and snap of the gourmet coffee beans used in this drink is able to balance the extra flavorings.  A very popular drink.
  • French Vanilla: For the coffee lover that enjoys a nice sweet drink there's nothing finer than a cup of French Vanilla flavored coffee.  Featuring an almost raspberry-like aroma in whole beans, the flavor of French Vanilla coffee beans can be compared to vanilla bean ice cream.
  • Hazelnut: Arguably the most popular flavored coffee drink in America, Hazelnut flavored coffee features a slightly sweet nut-like aroma to whole beans.  The flavor of the drink can be described as a hazelnut liqueur minus the alcoholic kick.  A very sweet tasting drink that expertly combines the natural taste of high quality coffee beans with intoxicating hazelnut flavors.
  • Irish Creme: A very popular flavor coffee drink that contains the sweet, thick cream-like aroma of Irish Creme liquor in the gourmet whole coffee beans.  A very rich drink that has a sweet aftertaste, the Irish Creme flavored coffee bean is only second to Hazelnut flavored coffee beans in terms of popularity.