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Iced Coffee

For many people, a love of coffee absolutely mystifies them.  Sure, coffee has an alright taste and will definitely give you a kick in the morning when you need it most, but it also tastes a bit muggy.  Also, these people would say, don’t you think that the hot taste of a coffee is a bit too much, especially in the summer?  For these people, there’s only one answer – iced coffee!

An iced coffee is the coffee drink for the summer, where it still retains the great kick of a coffee but is far more refreshing.  Like a regular cup of coffee, iced coffee is incredibly diverse.  There are numerous recipes available to create a number of iced coffee beverages that will suit the particular tastes of anybody.  These drinks are simple to make and even simpler to drink.

To make iced coffee, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Brew up a fresh pot of coffee.  Remember to make the coffee slightly stronger than usual, as it loses a bit of its flavor when ice begins to melt in an iced coffee drink.
  2. Once a pot of coffee has been freshly brewed, transfer the coffee into a carafe or pitcher.  Don’t ever place a pot of hot coffee directly into the refrigerator.  That’s because the rapid change in temperature may crack the glass.
  3. If you’re the type of person that likes to have sugar in your iced coffee, sweeten the coffee while it’s hot.  Don’t wait until the coffee has cooled down because it will take longer for the sugar to dissolve.
  4. Leave the coffee standing at room temperature for three to five hours or refrigerate for an hour and a half to three hours.
  5. Pour this now chilled cup of coffee into a glass, with the option of placing ice cubes into your iced coffee drink to make it even cooler.
  6. To equalize the temperature, all that you have to do is stir the coffee.  Add cream or milk to make the perfect iced coffee drink, if you so desire!
  7. What are you doing still reading the instructions, drink up your iced coffee before it gets warm.

When making iced coffee, one of the most important issues is the type of coffee beans that you use.  It is always better to use a darker-roast coffee blend and a fun challenge is to experiment to find which coffee blend most whets your palate.  For the iced coffee lover, another novel suggestion is to make coffee ice cubes to use instead of regular ice cubes.  This will only increase the caffeine and delicious content of your iced coffee drink.

Now when people ask you why on earth you enjoy coffee on a hot summers day, just give them a cup of iced coffee.  They’ll instantly be hooked.  To learn more about specialty iced coffee drinks, you have to check out the articles on Thai Iced Coffee and Vietnamese Iced Coffee.  They’ll only expand your ideas for iced coffee!