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Black Coffee

Tyrone Caissie had to wake up at 5 to get to his new job.  A musician by night, Tyrone was used to sleeping in but his new job required that he had to be in Baltimore by 7.  Driving at 5 definitely did not sit well with Tyrone and he immediately pulled into the nearest coffee shop.  Still half-asleep, Tyrone ambled over to the counter and asked for a cup of coffee.  However, Tyrone got an answer that nobody that has woken up at 5 in the morning ever wants to get.  He was asked to choose between a number of different coffee drinks from gourmet coffee to specialty coffee, from an Americano to a cup of Vietnamese Iced Coffee.  All that Tyrone really wanted was a nice cup of black coffee.

When it comes to different types of coffee drinks, there is nothing as bland or as basic as a cup of black coffee.  However, there are very few coffee drinks that are as consistent as a cup of black coffee.  Black coffee refers to a simple of coffee that is served without milk or cream to preserve the basic color of the coffee.  Agatha Christie wrote about it, All Saints sang about it, Everlast rapped about it, and million of Americans just love it.

This simple coffee drink may not have the pizzazz of flavored coffee drinks like Irish Crème or French Vanilla cappuccino but it is a strong cup of coffee that will wake you up in the day.  The way to make a cup of black coffee is very easy and depends on the coffee making method that you are most comfortable using.  Black coffee can be made using an automatic drip coffee maker, in which coffee grounds are placed in a filter while water heats up and mixes with the coffee grinds at an appropriate temperature to create a perfect brew of black coffee.  Black coffee can also be made using a percolator or a French Press.  To learn more about the different types of coffee makers, check out the section Coffee Makers.

It is coffee at its most basic and some will argue its best.  I had a boss that mocked my penchant for adding sugar and cream to my coffee.  He would say, "You're perverting your coffee."  As a result, many coffee lovers that adore their black coffee can be described as coffee purists.  That's because black coffee at its most basic is coffee at its most pure.  Black coffee can also be considered gourmet, if you are brewing a cup using specialty coffee beans.  Java coffee beans or Kona coffee beans make exceptional cups of black coffee.

However, black coffee does not simply mean that you have to drink it straight up.  Rather, black coffee is just about presentation and sugar can be added to a cup of black coffee for extra sweetness.  The only real rule of black coffee is that milk, cream, or any other type of whitener cannot be added.  This is because it will change the color of the coffee, meaning that your cup of black coffee is no longer black, now what do you think about that?

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