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Filter Coffee Makers

Judy Park was in desperate need for a coffee maker.  She had been an avid tea drinker but after buying and running a clothing store, she began drinking coffee.  The extra income she had ensured that she was able to afford a good coffee maker and she went to the store with intentions of buying something that she could make coffee with.  However, after staring at expensive automatic espresso machines, strange looking objects like the ibrik, and examining the quaint percolator, she determined that this decision was more trouble than worth it.  Little did she know that all she really needed was some filter coffeemakers.

A filter coffee maker can refer to a number of things but essentially filter coffee refers to a basket that is lined with a porous filter.  Filter coffee can be used as a manual brewer or in an automatic brewer.  With an automatic brewer, the most common type of filtered coffee maker is the automatic drip coffee maker.

For these purposes, we are going to examine manual filter coffee makers.  If you're the type of person that doesn't want to deal with buying a coffee maker, then this solution is for you.  All that you need with a manual filter coffee maker is a kettle, coffee grounds, and a filter.  If you only own a kettle but absolutely hate instant coffee, then you've hit the nail on the head if you think that a manual filter coffee maker will make a better solution.

With a manual filter coffee maker, all one really needs is a basket that is typically conical, which is lined with a porous filter.  Manual brewers can range from the simplicity of a plastic or metal cone or the complexity of 12 cup Chemex glass brewer.  When brewing a cup of coffee with a filter coffee maker, you have two options for the filter types that line the basket.  Filter types can be paper filters that can be folded to fit into a cone.  Also, a filter can be made from metal or plastic mesh that is built into the cone itself.  While both filter types will effectively brew a good tasting cup of coffee, there are some differences between these filters.

A paper filter often retains the coffee oils that contain the flavor and aroma of the coffee, which results in coffee that a few purists believe is lacking something.  With the mesh filters, the flavor and aroma of the coffee are not held back but it can produce more sediment in the coffee depending on how fine the coffee ground is.

To make a great cup of coffee using filter coffee makers, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Boil water
  2. Put appropriate amount of coffee grinds into the filter
  3. Pour hot water into the filter
  4. Coffee will drip through the filter into your cup
  5. Sit back and enjoy a great cup of coffee