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Calvin Han was in a desperate need for some coffee.  While he was more of a tea drinker, there were times when he just wanted the refreshing feel of a coffee.  By no means a coffee nut, Calvin just needed that extra buzz that a cup of coffee gives you, especially since he was working on a particularly important project at his law firm.  Deciding that he needed a coffee maker for his home, he ventured to the store in search for a coffee maker.  However, once he was there he couldn't find a coffee maker that was suitable to his needs.  While he understood the convenience of an automatic drip coffee maker, Calvin just didn't drink enough coffee to justify buying something designed to brew a full pot of coffee.  Espresso machines were easy to use and had many excellent features but Calvin never really enjoyed the taste of specialty coffees like cappuccinos and latte.  The French Press looked intriguing but it wasn't really conducive to Calvin's needs for a coffee maker that quickly and efficiently makes a cup of coffee.  And the ibrik, let's not even go there.

For people like Calvin that just want a cup of coffee quickly and who aren't coffee aficionados, the best coffee maker is a simple kettle.  An electric kettle is a carafe that contains a built-in heating element that can boil water.  However, if you're in a place that does not have electricity (such as a camp grounds), all you're you really need then is a stovetop kettle that can be heated over fire.  A kettle will boil water that can be used to make a variety of things including tea, instant hot cocoa, and instant coffee.

While instant coffee may not exactly enjoy the greatest reputation among hardcore coffee lovers, it is still an excellent drink for the casual coffee drinker.  By using a kettle as your coffee maker, you will be guaranteed to have an appliance that can be used to make a quick cup of coffee.  The type of coffee grounds used for instant coffee is crystal grounds and can easily be purchased at the grocery store.

The biggest advantage of instant coffee is that it is quick and easy to make.  After boiling water, all that one has to do is to pour the hot water into a cup with instant coffee crystals in it.  Once a cup is poured, the person then has to stir the water and instant coffee crystals up to make a cup of coffee.  Extra ingredients such as sugar, honey, or milk can be added to the coffee for extra flavor.  While a cup of instant coffee is praised for being cloudy and muggy, it is still not a substitute for a great cup of coffee.  Coffee lovers all agree that instant coffee is the worst quality of coffee that one can have.  This sense is palpable to those who drink instant coffee when they have to, as they can't seem to shake of the feeling that there's something missing from its taste.

Although instant coffee may not produce the best cup of coffee, it is a great option for people that don't like coffee but drink it on occasion.  However, the kettle is a great appliance to have around and can be used to make coffee using a filtered coffee maker.