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Have you been to a coffee shop lately with the purpose of just buying a simple coffee only to be behind a person that has some serious coffee needs?  Their requests involve words that you have never heard and terminology that sounds like it may be a foreign language.  You're standing there wondering what exactly is an espresso or a latte or a cappuccino.  By the time it's your turn to order a coffee, your head is just spinning.  However, that's the way of the world right now, as coffee aficionados have fallen in love with the sweet coffee drinks that can be made with an espresso machine.

When it comes to coffee makers, there's nothing quiet like buying an espresso coffee maker.  Espresso coffee makers can range in price and quality but they are generally guaranteed to produce a great cup of coffee.  Considering the large range of espresso coffeemakers that are available on the marketplace, it is important to provide a general overview of the espresso coffeemaker options.

Essentially, an expresso coffee maker is a device that brews coffee quickly.  The coffee brewed with an espresso machine has a distinct taste that has been proven to be irresistible to coffee lovers everywhere.  Espresso machines can create a number of specialty coffee beverages such as espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos.

To make an espresso with an espresso machine, all that an espresso coffee machine does is force hot water through finely ground coffee beans that is tightly packed.  The process involves forcing hot water and steam that go through the coffee grounds.  With this espresso machine, one can also brew a nice cup of cappuccino by topping the drink with espresso steamed milk.  As well, one can make a sweet latte with an espresso machine, as a latte is essentially a blend of espresso and velvetized foam.  The steps to brew an excellent cup of espresso are:

  1. Place water in the reservoir of the espresso machine
  2. Depending on the type of espresso machine, you either wait for the water within the machine's heating chamber to heat after turning the machine on or until the water has boiled
  3. Place fine coffee grounds in the coffee holder and pack it down
  4. With the pump contained on the espresso machine, the water will be drawn out of the reservoir and pumped into the heating chamber of the espresso coffeemaker at a high pressure
  5. Through this action, the hot water is forced through the coffee grounds and out of the coffee holder spout of the espresso machine into your cup
  6. Sit back and enjoy your freshly brewed beverage

While many view an espresso as the type of specialty drink to enjoy at a café, there are actually a number of espresso machines that you are able to obtain for home use.  Espresso machines can vary depending on its heating source and its brand.  Espresso machine manufacturers like Saeco, Gaggia, Jura, Rancilio, Schaerer, Bialetti, and Kontessa are all internationally respected and produce excellent espresso machines that you can use at home.  However, the best way to distinguish between the different types of espresso machines is by examining the two main types of espresso machines: stovetop espresso coffee makers and automatic espresso coffee makers.