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Benefits of Coffee

Leo - Hey Tina, why are you always wasting your time drinking coffee?  Don't you know that stuff is horribly bad for you?  It contains caffeine, it's a waste of money, and you're spending all of your time at a stupid coffee shop!

Tina - I don't care Leo, I love coffee.  It makes me feel good, I love that caffeine kick.  I just need it every morning.

Leo - But it gives you those coffee jitters, it's no good.  That's what I say.

Tina - How can you not like something that you've never ever tired?  Here take a sip.

Leo (after taking a sip of coffee) - Hey, that's really good.

Throughout the country, this conversation is going on a hundred times a day.  Coffee lovers are converting their friends to the delicious taste of coffee and as one of the world's most popular drinks, this conversation will be going on for years.  However, for people that don't drink coffee, they often don't understand what exactly is the appeal of drinking coffee.  Numerous studies are being conducted to examine the negative effects that coffee has on human health (which can be read about in the article Coffee and Your Health), yet in this day and age, even breathing can be constituted as being somewhat healthy.

So, why exactly has coffee managed to endure for centuries as one of the most popular beverages throughout the world?  While hardcore coffee aficionados will point out that coffee is a delicious drink, there's a little bit more to the reasons why coffee is so popular.  That's because one of the least discussed parts of coffee are the actual benefits of coffee.

Sure coffee is a delicious tasting drink and the rise of specialty coffee, gourmet coffee, organic coffee, and flavored coffee in recent years has only increased the number of delicious coffee drinks that are currently available at coffee shops, cafes, and supermarkets throughout the country.  However, there are some great benefits to drinking coffee.  With the rise of free trade coffee, there are now political benefits to drinking coffee.  That's because the intent of the free trade coffee industry is designed to assist poor coffee growers in major coffee growing regions that have become victims in the coffee trade, as coffee commodity prices have been kept low at the expense of these workers.  (To learn more about free trade coffee, check out the article Free Trade Coffee.)

However, there are also social benefits to drinking coffee.  For example, you've just been set up on a blind date by your friends and are now frantically searching for a great place to go to that would be cheap, low-maintenance, and provide an easy exit strategy in case things don't look good.  The perfect solution?  Go out for coffee at a nice specialty coffee store.  Of course, there are also the benefits of coffee as fertilizer and the most obvious benefit of all - coffee as a stimulant.  To learn more specifics about the main benefits of drinking coffee, check out the articles devoted to them.  I would highly recommend making a nice shot of espresso to compliment your reading because there's nothing better than reading about coffee with a nice cup of coffee by your side.