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Coffee Preparations

Tim was sipping on a shot of espresso in a beautiful local coffee shop in Boston talking to some friends of his.  There was some vigorous discussion about exactly the process of coffee.  While everybody was in agreement that the sweet taste of coffee was something that they were grateful for, they were wondering exactly what preparations are performed to convert the coffee bean found on either an Arabica coffee plant or a Robusta coffee plant into the delicious elixir one can buy at a coffee shop.

Coffee has never been as popular as it is right now in America.  The rise of sophisticated coffee chains like Starbucks that mirror the independent coffeehouses that sprang up in Italian-American enclaves of major American cities during the early part of the twentieth century has mainstreamed the type of cafe establishments that have been littering the European landscape for centuries.  Additionally, the rise of specialty coffee drinks and flavored coffee drinks have increased the number of delicious coffee drinks available to coffee lovers throughout the country.  The increased profile of coffee and the rise of the free trade coffee movement as well as the organic coffee movement has made coffee an issue larger than ever before.  For this reason, more and more people are becoming interested in the entire coffee making process.

To satisfy your thirst of knowledge, we have articles pertaining to the various stages of coffee preparations from the extraction of the coffee bean from the various coffee plant (which you can read more about in the articles relating to Coffee Plants) to the finished product, whether you're drinking a cappuccino in an up-scale cafe or buying gourmet coffee beans at an exclusive coffee shop.  It's a pretty fascinating journey to learn of all of the hard work that goes behind producing one of the three most commonly traded commodities in the world.

We have articles relating to the Ageing process, which can be described as the scientific method of ageing certain gourmet coffee beans to guarantee the best taste when they are eventually used to create a delicious drink.  Additionally, the article on Roasting examines the coffee bean roasting process, which is essential in producing the delicious taste of coffee that you have come to expect each morning.  It is during the roasting stage that flavored coffee is produced, which you can read more about in the article Flavored Coffee.  An article discussing the Grinding process is a must-read for those coffee lovers that grind their own coffee beans.  Additionally, we have an article discussing the different Brewing methods that can be used in making that perfect cup of coffee to savor.

So for Tim and his friends, as well as other curious minds that want to know more about the coffee preparations process, you have some reading to do.  I would suggest brewing a nice pot of gourmet coffee to have while you read some of the most interesting facts behind coffee that you can find on the Internet.   There really is nothing finer than reading about coffee with your favorite coffee drink by your side.  You'll find yourself staring at your cup and going hmmm, much like the popular C & C Music Factory song.