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Any major multidisciplinary scientific endeavor like nanotechnology will require a lot of reading.  If you've never studied anything related to nanotechnology, I wouldn't recommend you start with something as complex as Nano Letters, for instance.  I'll quickly cover some important publications of note.

Scientific American

Not particularly Scientific or American, SciAm is a great read when you're on the toilet just trying to pass some time.  Nanotechnology coverage in SciAm tends to be sporadic, and only covers the most sensationalist (often corporately aligned) material.  If you don't know your jargon, this is probably a good place to start.

Science and Nature Magazine

Science and Nature are two of the most important general periodical journals available to the public.  For about $150, you will receive one periodical per week.  Many important discoveries and achievements in nanotechnology are often published in these two journals.  On average, there can be anywhere from one to several nanotechnology-related articles per week.  This is good for the intermediate reader who has some post-secondary science experience.

Field-Specific Journals

There are a few key journals for each specific field involved in nanotechnology research.  Many of the important ones with a lot of nanotechnology coverage are related to the field of chemistry.  You can try the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) or Journal of Applied Physics.  There are many different journals that have the occasional nanotechnology article.  Just pay attention to one article's references and you'll find a whole gamut of different journals to peruse.  Most of these journals are published in printed monthly volumes, though you can view new articles each week online.

Nanotechnology Journals

The big cheese in nanotechnology journals is called Nano Letters, which is published by the American Chemical Society.  All of the important discoveries, along with early-to-intermediate findings can be found here.  There's also the Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, which also includes many important works.  In a related note, Nature Publishing handles a monthly known as Nature Materials, which happens to focus a lot on nanotechnology.  Like the other in-depth journals, these are all monthly publications.