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Tape Data Recovery

The data stored in your computer's hard drive is the lifeblood of your business.  Without it, you would have no business and you'll be in big trouble.  That's why when something does happen to your data, for whatever reason, you need the best possible team to try and get your data back. That's why tape data recovery is one of the most crucial enterprises in the information technology sector.

Tape data recovery is especially important because many companies opt to store their back-up files on tape because of the large storage capacity.  So if tape damage occurs it is often very important and irreplaceable data that is lost.  It is also important because tapes where some of the first data storage devices and therefore they have had more time to deteriorate over time.

Here are a few of the ways companies generally lose their data:

  • Heat and Smoke Damage
  • Water Damage - Sprinkler System or Flooded
  • Damage Resulting from Dropping the Cartridge
  • Data Residing after an EOF Mark (Overwritten)
  • Damage Resulting from the Tape Drive
  • Damage as a Result of Aging (Past Warranty)
  • Damage Resulting from Exposure to Extreme Temperatures or Humidity
  • Internal Cartridge Mechanism Failing
  • Permanent Errors Residing Mid File

While all data recovery takes painstaking time consuming effort, tape data recovery has its own specific challenges.  But generally it follows the same formula as regular data recovery, in so much as there are two ways (depending in the damage) that data can be recovered from the tape.  The first is physical data recovery; this is necessary when the actual hardware that the data is stored on has been damaged.  The other is logistical data recovery, and this is necessary when files are deleted or misplaced.

Physical Data Recovery

This is necessary when he data tape loses it magnetism, it is scuffed or scared, the coating breaks down or any of the tape itself is folded or creased beyond repair.  It is also used in conditions when a office building floods, and the tapes are exposed to water, mud or other nasty debris and damage. This is one difficult task, but you should confident that the best in the business usually get results located around 98% recoveries, this is very, very good.  And it could save you 98% of your profits. You should look for a company that has great equipment and skilled technicians as opposed to engineers, engineers are more skilled in logistical data recovery.

Logistical Data Recovery

Logistical data recovery is often more difficult and time consuming than physical and therefore it is more expensive.  Often this is necessary when data on a tape that had been successfully recorded is lost for whatever reason.  In most cases it is just not 'readable' by the hardware. 

Logistical data recovery often requires engineers to come in and 'fill in the blanks' that are preventing the data from being read properly.  This requires a great amount of skill. 

So when you are looking for a company that specializes in tape data recovery, be sure to choose one that is competent in both physical and logistical and a company that uses the skills of both technicians and engineers.