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Data Recovery Software

You know they’re there but you just can’t find them.  This is the common plight of a soul who has lost valuable information on his or her computer.  And while Windows XP is a fine program you can only rely on it so far to search and find missing files.  What you might want to try is an independent file recovery program that puts the power of file recovery in your hands.

There are many different file recovery systems out there and it is tough to know which ones are for real.  There several ones that you can pay for, these almost always do the trick.  In fact, if you are running a common operating system recovering files is usually not too hard.

It’s the free software that you have to watch out for.  Some free software out there I actually really good.  In many cases it is open source prototypes that are being tested on you the guinea pig.  But generally, if they don’t work, they won’t make your computer worse.

One of the best ones out there is the Restorer2000.

Restorer2000 is one of the most powerful and cost effective undelete and data recovery software available on the market. It allows to undelete files, unerase, unformat, restore and recover data from NTFS and FAT partitions even if they are damaged or deleted. It’s quick and easy file recovery solution. Recover files with foreign-language filenames, long filenames, NTFS-compressed filenames, and alternative data streams such as Windows 2000 file information.

SmartScan technology combined with the flexibility of adjusting parameters gives you full control over fast recovery procedure. Drive Image creation is very important and useful feature to recover data from drives with bad sectors. As long as your system’s hardware is functional, award winning Restorer2000 product may be the only solution you need for all your data recovery and undelete needs. With Restorer2000 you can quickly and easily restore your data saving your time, money and resources.

These generally cost somewhere around 30$ and they are well worth the money if you really need some files.  If you really, really need some files it is always best to take your drive to a professional and have them take a look at it. But this can be painfully expensive and you will really think twice about not protecting your files from loss or damage.