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Hard Drive Recovery

Here's a nasty scenario.  You get a call in the middle of the night and it's the fire department.  They calmly inform you that your downtown office building is currently engulfed in flames, crews from the fire department are doing their best to put out the blaze but you should contact your insurance company immediately. A good, idea, but should you really contact a hard drive recovery specialist.

This is not far fetched, it happens all the time all around the world.  Naturally your first instinct is not about the worth of the inspirational posters that line the walls of your office, what you are really worried about is all of the important and irreplaceable information stored in your company hard drives.

As you well, know information is what drives modern businesses and there is no way to put a price on it.  Unless you can salvage your hard drive there is no way you can survive…and there is no way to quantify this for the insurance agency.

Hard Drive recovery is quickly becoming one of the most important and lucrative enterprises in the new US economy.  Of course, the scenario with the fire is just one of the many ways that might lose pivotal information.  There is also virus attack, espionage and hijacking and human error.  All of these can cost you thousands (or millions) of dollars if you can't reverse the catastrophe.

So when you are looking for a company that can get the job done you'll need one that not only has an impressive track record, but one that has a wide array of tools at its disposal.  These companies are harder to find than you think, but if you can find one they are like money in the bank.

You'll want a company that is proficient with both Mac's and PC's. You'll also want a company that uses the skills of both technicians and engineers. Many technicians have the technical skills to dig deep and find your missing hard drive data, but you'll also need engineers who understand the different systems and how they operate.

This is the future of hard drive recovery, the new deep salvage experts of the 21st century. Like magicians they can make something that has seemingly disappeared into something you can use and profit from.