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Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson is possibly the biggest bastard that lives.  The tabloids have been talking about Peterson murdering his wife, Laci Peterson, and an unborn child for months, the dreadful case is almost concluded now with Peterson being found of first degree murder of his wife, and a second degree murder charge for causing the death of his unborn son.

The 12 judges have delivered the charges on Friday, November the 12 and Peterson is now facing either a life sentence or death penalty.  The judges will return to court on November 22, 2004 to deliver the sentence verdict.  Some experts say that Peterson has a chance to win an appeal if he receives a death penalty since there was a dismissal of tow jurors during the deliberation, therefore giving him some chance to proclaim a misconduct. 

Peterson’s case has been getting a lot of press after he was arrested on the suspicion of murder. He was known to many as a good-looking man, a loving father-to-be with a good job and a home, whereas in private he was a cheating husband who couldn’t handle being faithful to the degree that he would kill to fulfill his desires.

The first part of the trial focused on evidence presented but the penalty trial will be no doubt punctuated with raw emotions.  Laci Peterson’s mother’s is scheduled to testify where she’ll have a chance to express her grief about losing her 27-year-old daughter and the grandchild she was expecting. 

Scott Peterson’s parents will most likely ask the jury and the judge to spare their son’s life.