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Oprah Winfrey

American icon Oprah Winfrey is at it again.  Wielding her influence like a succulent ham hock, the queen of talk is gearing up for a Christmas season that is sure to make Santa Clause look like Saddam Hussein.

This past year the Oprah Winfrey show have away new cars to every lucky woman in the audience, which prompted a spectacle of screaming, and car humping that has rarely ever been seen on television (even late night cable).

It’s easy to understand after reading Oprah Winfrey biography, you realize that he humble beginnings had a profound effect on her and has imbued her with a sense of charity that is hard to match in our materialistic and shallow world.

While there are no clues on the Oprah Winfrey Website as to what she has planned for this year in terms of giving, it would be a great idea to get an Oprah Winfrey Show Ticket, and bring your Oprah Winfrey Picture for her to sign, because the gift giving is gearing up to be crazy.  I’m thinking everybody gets his or her own plane.

She also gives a lot to charity through her Oprah Winfrey foundation and if you would like more information on the foundation of the Oprah Winfrey Book Club (her other major fan favorite) you can go to the Oprah Winfrey website and get the Oprah Winfrey email address that should put you in the line of fire of Oprah’s shwag barrage.

Of course, you might also be looking for other Oprah related things like the ever popular Oprah Winfrey weight loss guide, which can help you shed all of those unwanted pounds, just like she did so many times.  In fact the Oprah Winfrey diet is so popular it’s adherents probably number somewhere in the millions.

 So, please help boost Oprah’s popularity and give her all the support you can muster because when Santa Clause dies, you have to be there to name Oprah as his successor.