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Can you imagine what Marshall McLuhan would have thought about the Internet?  In a few short years human civilization has made a giant leap forward in terms of communication and the dissemination of information. The Internet has become a part of our daily lives in the same way that television did in the second half of this century.  There is almost no information that you cannot find on the web nowadays and this information is only expanding.

Of course the way that most of us physically interact with the Internet are web sites.  Without websites we would not be able to access this information easily. Web site design is one of the new amazing industries that has sprung up because of the web and it is fastly becoming one of the most lucrative industries in the world.  One thing that makes web design so lucrative is that it is completely labor intensive.  You need very little in the way of hardware and you can do it virtually from anywhere in the world.  This is why website design Toronto is such a great market today.

Canada is known for its great information technology sector and Toronto is in the heart of this sector.  So if you are an international company you should start looking for web designers in Toronto.  They really have the best product for the best available price.

When the Internet was first hitting our computer screen it was the Yahoo company that really made things happen.  They developed the first really effective search tool for people who were looking for specific types of information.  Al you had to do was type in what you were looking for and you would get a host of sites that catered to that interest.  They listed sites that ranged from entertainment, politics and beyond.  They even offered a service where you could find a map and direction for any location in the world.

A little later than that they developed their own web based email accounts.  This allowed people to send and receive emails anywhere they could find a computer with an Internet connection.  This was truly revolutionary.

Of course there were other web based email providers that were also jockeying for position.  This first one that really made an impact was Hotmail.  Hotmail started out as an independent company that served it clients with free email, and paid for this service using advertising.  This would become the model for other web sites, both service oriented and even retail websites. 

What happened to Hotmail as it became successful was the major player in the software market Microsoft bought it out. This was a huge payday for the folks at Hotmail, a payday that would be dreamed of by anyone who started up a successful website.  Today, Hotmail is the most popular web based email in the world.

But then Google came along. More than anyone Google changed the way we use the Internet. Google offered all of the search potential of Yahoo, but without the bias.  While Yahoo tended to direct people to its commercial sites, it was Google who did not discriminate between different form of information.  If you typed a search subject they would simply give you the best results, no matter how important the site was.  This quickly became what people wanted from the Internet and today Google is the most successful web business ever…and watch out Hotmail, they just started an email service.