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What is Stonehenge? Why was it built? Who built it…and most importantly why should we care?  Well, I will provide all of the stock answers to these questions, but as to why we should care, I have no idea?

What is Stonehenge?

Well Stonehenge is a collection of large stones, as well as some smaller ones that are organized in some sort of shape that I guess is pretty circular.  The stones seem to be from two places.  Some of them, the larger ones mostly are from the local area and are pretty sturdy.  There is also another set of stones on the inside of the structure that are called bluestones.  These bluestones appear to have come from somewhere in Wales. The simple fact that stone for this thing were brought from far away probably means that the people who built it cared a lot about the thing.

But does it have a purpose?  Well, now it does, it makes a great tourist attraction.  But in the olden days when it was first built, nobody can really tell you why it was built. Some people have suggested that it was some sort of astrological thing; maybe a giant clock or some way to read the stars, but that is all speculation.  Some folks even believe it was used to summon aliens…but those people are stupid. People whose minds are in the gutter have suggested that virgins were sacrificed there, but seriously why would you think that unless you needed to satisfy your own screwy desires.

Why was it built?

As far as I can tell nobody knows why it was built.  But on a base level we can safely assume that it was built to impress people.  That’s pretty much why people build things that are hard to build.  So they can say, hey look at that thing I built!  Then they go on about how hard it was to build…and generally you will be impressed but seriously, it is just a bunch of rocks.  I can only imagine the Romans arriving and laughing at it.

Who built it?

I don’t know, the Picts maybe?  How about the Beakers…the Druids…probably not.  I’m not sure anyone really knows who built it, but whoever it was you can be sure that the English are darn proud of them.

Why should we care?

Well, that’s the thing.  I don’t think we should really care.  If I were an English person the thing would right embarrass me.  It basically says that while the rest of the world was cultivating great civilizations and knowledge, the English were just sitting around figuring ways to put one rock on top of another.  I guess we should be thankful that it inspired a lot of heavy metal bands, but that’s about it.