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Petronas Towers – Malaysia

The Petronas Twin Towers is a pair of 88-floor skyscrapers located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  For a brief time after its construction it was the tallest high rise measured from sidewalk level to the top of the structure.  Taipei 101 recently dislodged the Twin Towers from its leading position.

The Petronas Twin Towers was a project taken on by Malaysian officials to demonstrate the economic strength of the country.  They chose the famed architect, Cesar Pelli, to do the design.  The 88-floor building has a distinctive Islamic style despite being built of modern stainless steel and glass materials.  Roughly have way up the dizzyingly thin spires is a large walkway that connects the two buildings together for intra-complex travel.

Since its completion, a number of notable tenants have moved into this prestigious building located in the heart of downtown Kuala Lumpur.  Micorsoft Malaysia, the Dewan Philharmonik Petronas (symphony), the Galeri Petrons (Malaysia's leading art gallery), Isetan (Japan's leading department store, takes up five vertical levels of the large shopping complex beneath the towers), Kinokunyia (Japanese bookstore), a large recreation park, and many regional corporate headquarters.

Though not so much a tourist attraction as an important focal point for business and prosperity in the region, the Petronas Towers is a unique landmark in Malaysia that helps bring the country to the forefront of international commerce.

If you plan to visit the Petronas Towers, beware that the passes for the aerial walkway are distributed on a limited basis each day so you'd best go get one in the morning.