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Landmarks of the World

The idea of a landmark dates back to time immemorial, when navigators needed visual cues to get to where they needed to go.  Often, a landmark would be a strangely shaped tree, a mountain, or a river crossing marked by stones.  Hence, the merger of the two words: land and mark. 

As most words in the English language have evolved, so too has the concept of a landmark.  Now, a landmark can be pretty much anything: a bridge, a building, a monument, or a mountain.  The idea is basically something that is easily recognizable once viewed.  Locals and visitors regard landmarks as treasures that distinguish the land and surrounding regions

While landmarks are held in high esteem by locals due to their everlasting role in history, they are also highly regarded by tourists as great photo-opportunities and the simple but intense experience of ’being there’.

Traditional landmarks are centered on natural attractions like mountains, canyons, rivers, and rock formations.  Examples of famous landmarks in this category are the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls.

Other landmarks consist of great civil engineering achievements like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Tower Bridge, and the CN Tower.

Some landmarks simply transcend categorization.  They’ve achieved world-renowned status as icons for the countries they represent.  Who could think of the Eiffel Tower without thinking about Paris, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa without envisioning beautiful Italian villas?  Today, landmarks are like monuments to a culture despite the fact that some are modern, functional buildings. 

Great new achievements in building design have created masterpieces like the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, and the majestic Petronas Towers in Malaysia.

Next to these modern wonders lie a huge number of historic and ancient landmarks steeped in history and culture.  Places like the Great Wall of China, the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock, Angkor Wat, the Forbidden City, the Colosseum, and even the Sphinx have survived the ultimate test of time to stand out in the hearts and minds of humanity.

And as we progress into the 21st century, new projects are underway that will forever change our cultural landscape.  Landmarks are here to stay, and there’s plenty more where they came from.  So strap in and get ready for a grand tour in true fashion as we cover the great landmarks of the world!