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Weight Loss News

They say that our national pastime is Baseball.  Well this is impossible, because if more Americans passed their time playing baseball, we wouldn’t have sad stories in the news like that of Patrick Deuel, a 1,075 pound man who has gained national exposure by undergoing gastric bypass surgery and shedding 400 pounds.

No, America’s real national pastime is eating, and then obsessing over the consequences of all this eating.  Obesity is a national crisis of our own making and as a result a multi-billion dollar industry has sprung up to combat this curse…or more accurately give people the impression they can lose all the fat they have packed on.

Sure we all feel great about Patrick Deuel and the second chance at life that modern science has given him.  But do we really feel great about Mr. Deuel or do we feel great that we are not him, and that our own poor health pales in comparison to this grotesque spectacle of a human.

Surely we all hope that Mr. Deuel lives…but only because it distracts us from our own addiction to food and products that promise our salvation from obesity.