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Yellow Submarine Hostel

Located deep in the heart of the old Hungarian city of Budapest in Central Europe is the Yellow Submarine Hostel.  Sure there are many hostels all across Europe, but few of them have the charm and the utter magnetism of this place.  It is probably one of the most exciting Hostels in all of Europe and you’d be a fool if you stayed anywhere else on your trip to this historic city.

But don’t feel too bad if you don’t stay there, it can be nearly impossible to stay in during the summer months and you’ll have to book months in advance, simply to get a bed in a dorm room.  This demand has nothing to do with clean sheets (they are rare) or Internet access or anything like that.  The Yellow Submarine just as that European traveling atmosphere that harkens back to the sixties when traveling through the continent was an adventure, instead of a Contiki fueled exercise in closer to Daytona Beach then On The Road.

While the hostel has several dorm rooms, it has only one common area, and that is only a small room in the center of the old apartment building where the hostel is located.  In the center of this small room is an old picnic table that serves as a center of gravity for just about everything that goes on in the hostel.  At this cigarette burned table you’ll find people from all over the world, who would rather have a great time meeting people, then have a full-nights sleep.

The kind of magnetism you’ll find at this hostel is unlike any other in the world. People sit around drinking 2$ bottles of wine and smoking Marlboro lights like there was no tomorrow.  Form these humble beginnings people plan out their activities for the day (someone is always going to the baths) and join forces to explore this sexy and sophisticated Central European city.

So if you have any brains or soul at all, be sure to stay at the Yellow Submarine Hostel in Budapest Hungary, I guarantee that it will be the experience of a lifetime and the only problem you will have is trying to leave, which I assure you is much harder than you might think. Despite the fact that you will barely sleep a wink the entire time that you are there.

The Yellow Submarine Hoste

Address: 56. Terez Krt.1063. Budapest,Hungary

Tel/Fax: +36-1-331-9896

Tel: +36-1-269-4354