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Rice Diet

With more and more people concerned about their health and wanting to shed a few extra pounds, you are seeing more and more dieting programs being released.  While it is easy to be swayed by diets that promise rapid weight loss in a short period of time, a lot of times these diets are too good to be true.

If you are looking for an excellent diet that has medical backing, you may be interested in the Rice Diet.  The rice diet originated from Duke University under the tutelage of Walter Kempner.  It is a diet that is used in the treatment of such medical conditions as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, and renal disease.  The rice diet produces rapid weight loss and is a program that lasts between two to four weeks.  However, there are some instances that the rice diet goes on longer than four weeks.

Often referred to as the Kempner Diet, the rice diet has been around since 1939.  It is a diet that emphasizes the eating of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, legumes, rice, and sugar.  Additionally, many dieters on the rice diet take vitamin supplements and iron supplements in order for their body to receive the proper amount of nutrients that it requires.

One of the underlying principles of the rice diet is the emphasis on eating food that contains low salt levels.  By reducing the amount of salt in your diet, you will reduce the risk of such health risks as: increased blood pressure, high cholesterol, and excess weight.   Additionally, the rice diet is great for your health due to its low fat content.  Generally, the rice diet limits your consumption of fat to five grams per day.  Additionally, the rice diet limits your intake of protein to 20 grams per day.

Much like the Sonoma diet and the Atkins diet, the rice diet takes place in three phases.  The initial phase in the rice diet is the detox phase that generally lasts for a week.  In this phase, the dieter limits the amount of food that they eat and their body removes toxins naturally.  The second phase of the rice diet is the lasting weight phase, in which the dieter is able to incorporate more foods within their diet.  However, by limiting the amount of foods that they eat and by emphasizing eating healthy foods, the dieter is able to reach their desired weight goal.  The final phase of the rice diet is the maintenance phase and in this phase, the dieter creates a regular eating plan that is both healthy and provides the proper amount of nutrients needed.

If you are concerned about developing illnesses or are ready to embrace a healthy life, you may find that the rice diet is the perfect diet for you.  Don’t wait any longer and make your health a priority today!