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Cheap Hotels

If you are looking for a cheap hotel you are playing with fire.  Is it really a good idea to put your safety and your nights sleep in the hands of people who are doing everything they can to cut corners….probably not.

But for the savvy consumer there is cheap accommodation out there and you just need to know where to go and what to look for.  The following is a list of potential destinations and the particular discounts on hotels that you can find.  Finding a cheap hotel is key, but finding a cheap hotel that is good, is vital.

Las Vegas Cheap Hotel

Finding a cheap hotel in Vegas is like finding a slot machine that is paying off.  It hard, but once you do, it is vital you hang on to it.  There is so much competition in Vegas for your lodging dollar that finding a cheap hotel is not that hard.  But on the flip side, there are so many hotels in Las Vegas that there are more than their fair share of bad apples in the bunch.

Your best bet in Las Vegas for cheap hotels, is not to make any reservations at all.  Just go there and get a cab to take you to the strip, or to downtown.  There you will find hordes of hotels and you will basically have your choice of which one you like. The only problem with Vegas is that there is no real ’off-season’ so getting deals depending on the season is very hard.

Cheap London Hotel

As they would say in England a cheap London ’otel is harder to find than something to eat that isn’t completely disgusting.  Many Americans will have an extremely difficult time finding cheap hotels in London for two reasons.  Firstly, nothing in London fits under the category of what we would think of as cheap (largely due to the baffling strength of the pound). 

Second of all, you may find a hotel that fits your budget but it will be disgusting. Small and cramped is an understatement, when describing hotels in London.  Try meeting people on the street and offer to cook them edible food in exchange for a nights sleep.  

Cheap Hotel Rooms

How do you spot a cheap hotel room?  Well, firstly, if the room does not have any little extras the room might be cheap, but really, most people bring all of their own toiletries to hotels anyway, so this should not be a big problem.  Not only that but they probably have all you need at the front desk and all you have to do is ask for it. A cheap hotel room might also not have a TV.  Who cares…why are you watching the TV on your vacation anyway?   

But what is a cheap hotel rate anyway?  Well this all depends on your budget and how long you will be staying in the room.  If this is your honeymoon, get a nice room because you’ll be spending a lot of time there.  If you are a big sightseer, save money on your room and use that money to buy passes to museums and stuff.

Cheap Hotels New York City

Much like London a cheap hotel in New York City is about as hard to find as a baby pigeon.  As far as anyone knows they don’t exist.  My suggestion is get a hotel in New Jersey or Brooklyn or something.  This will still be expensive, but the transportation system in NYC is so good that you’ll be able to et downtown in about ½ an hour.  And the money you save will allow you to see all of the sights… that in New York City there are a lot.


Cheap Hotel Paris

Hey you’re in Paris, it’s almost like you need to be in a cheap smelly hotel to really get that French experience.  There really aren’t any big hotel rooms in Paris so you can get that idea out of your head right now.  But, luckily the euro is very comparable to the dollar so it won’t be as bad as England.

Also, the French, although the service in hotels will be questionable take great pride in Paris and they want people to leave with a good impression of the city as a work or art, so your hotel will look really nice, no matter how much you pay. Vive la difference!

Cheap Hotel Mexico

Mexico is a great place with tons of cheap hotels…problem is none of them are in places where people really want to go. This is not because other places are bad, it’s simply that American’s are afraid of the unknown and most of Mexico is a very strange place.

If you go to Cancun or Puerto Valliarta or something, you are bound to pay a lot, but there are many other cities without crowded beaches and inflated prices and without other Americans.  These places have some of the most affordable hotels in the country.  The staffs are also very good, because they haven’t been worked to death or brow beaten by ignorant northerners.

You’ll love it there and you’ll be helping people who need the help.