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Sonoma Diet

One of the biggest concerns that everyone faces is maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  While it should be our top priority, it is amazing how little time we have to focus on our health.  Unfortunately, living an unhealthy life can manifest itself in the way that we look.  Too many people are unhappy about how much they weigh and are looking for that perfect diet that will help them shed a few extra pounds.

Of course, it can be hard to find the perfect diet for you.  If you aren’t interested in the short term weight loss programs of some fad diets are a bit skeptical of the nutritional rationale of some low-card diets, then you may find the solution in the Sonoma Diet.

Unlike other diets, the Sonoma Diet provides you with a guideline towards losing weight without being overly rigid.  Developed by Connie Guttersen, the Sonoma Diet can be considered a byproduct of the Mediterranean Diet.  As opposed to the Mediterranean Diet, the Sonoma diet is a bit more structured.  Central to the sonoma diet is its concept of power foods.  Power foods are central to the sonoma diet and have been chosen for their delicious flavor and their high nutrient content.  That’s right the sonoma diet will help you lose some extra pounds but without sacrificing the delicious taste of foods.

The power foods that have been chosen are: almonds, bell peppers, blueberries, broccoli, grapes, olive oil, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, and whole grains.  These power foods are prevalent throughout the course of the sonoma diet.  The benefits of the sonoma diet is in its balance of different food groups. 

Similar to the Atkins Diet, the sonoma diet has three phases or three waves.  Before you embark on the sonoma diet, you should determine a weight loss goal.  During the first wave of the Sonoma diet, you will find that the amount of food you can eat will be restricted. This is intended to reduce your body’s sugar level.  The first wave lasts ten days and produces rapid weight loss.  In the second wave of the Sonoma diet, you are able to incorporate more variety in your eating. This will result in slower weight loss and this wave will continue until you have reached your target weight.  The final wave of the sonoma diet is a lifelong goal that is intended to help you stay at your ideal weight.  In this wave, you are able to eat a large variety of foods and can even incorporate dessert in your diet.

One of the most fascinating parts of the sonoma diet is that it emphasizes portions.  It does so by allotting plate sizes for your meals.  For example, the Sonoma Diet recommends that you use a 7 inch plate for breakfast meals and a 9 inch plate for lunch and dinner meals.  By emphasizing portion sizes, the sonoma diet reduces the chances of overeating and will help you eat healthy sized foods throughout your life.

While there are some critics of the Sonoma Diet who are concerned about its nutritional balance, there are an equal number of supporters.  Considering its intended goal of teaching you healthy eating habits, you may find that the sonoma diet is extremely helpful in assisting you reach your goal of a healthy life!