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Low Fat Diet

One of the biggest concerns that we all face in our lives is maintaining an attractive figure.  While it may seem a bit superficial, there is a direct link between feeling good about the way that we look and how happy we feel in our lives.  Of course, the way that we look and our body weight doesn’t just determine how other people perceive us, it is also a true measure of how healthy a life we live.  Just like how a painter has an easel to showcase his artistic skills, we have our bodies to show how healthy a life we are living.

Unfortunately, statistics are showing that more and more people are living unhealthy lives.  This can be seen in the number of reports you hear in the news about the rising rates of obesity. For that reason, thousands of people are embarking on diets to help them lose some extra pounds.  If you are looking for an effective diet, you may be interested in the Low Fat Diet.

The low fat diet has a simple premise - it promotes eating food that are low in fat content.  Unlike many other diets, the low fat diet does not promote a massive amount of weight loss in a short period of time.  Rather, it is a diet that should be considered as a long term eating program.

The low fat diet promotes eating food from all of the different food groups, while reducing the amount of food that contain a large fat content.  It is important to note that a low fat diet does not prohibit eating food that contains any forms of fat.  This is because our bodies require certain essential fatty acids for it to function accordingly.  However, it recommends that our caloric intake should be made up of a maximum of 30 percent from fats.  The low fat diet also emphasizes the reduction of eating food that contains a large amount of saturated fat.  Additionally, the low fat diet warns against eating food that promote itself as low-fat, as these foods often contain high sugar levels.  Therefore, the low fat diet promotes eating food that are low in both fat and sugar content.

Many health experts and health organizations strongly promote the low fat diet, as it is associated with preventing such medical conditions as: high cholesterol, heart disease, and cancer. The low fat diet promotes smart eating and replacing certain foods within each food group with a healthier alternative.

For example, the low fat diet recommends eating such dairy products as skim milk and fat-free cheese rather than whole milk and cheese spreads.  In the bread and grains food group, the low fat diet recommends eating whole grain foods and plain pasta rather than French toast, fried rice, and pancakes. The low fat diet recommends eating vegetables that have been either steamed or boiled rather than fried.  All fruits are recommended in the fat free diet with the exception of avocadoes.  It is recommended that you eat lean meats and drink beverages that do not contain a high fat content.

While there are many proponents of the low fat diet, there are some health practitioners that are skeptical of the health claims made by the low fat diet.  However, you shouldn’t expect miracles from any diet that you use.  By thinking of the low fat diet as a healthy eating guide, you will find that the low fat diet is an effective eating model that helps promote healthy living and will help you lose some extra pounds.